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What's your dream build?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JDMst162, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. JDMst162

    JDMst162 Member

    So I'm only a two months into ownership but I am already conjuring a end goal for my st162. With that said I wanted to see what kind of builds other people are aiming for that way perhaps folks can bounce ideas off each other's heads. I didn't see a post of this type yet or maybe I just I was not looking in the right place so I decided to give this a try. (If there's a thread like this already on here please let me know and I'll just add to that one)

    End game for my ZR:
    -BEAMS Red Top swap (which getting one isn't very expensive here.)
    -st182 Tein coilover set (had tein on my impreza and loved it)
    -205/45 15-16 banana spoke rims (I'm not very knowledgeable of the different brands and types yet)
    -a solid yet daily driver friendly body stiffening setup (maybe a half cage?). I'm still reading and studying Mafix's thread on suspension setup
    -my interior is a flawless time capsule from the 80s and I think I'd be wise to keep it that way. (hidden blessing)
    -retouch the original white paint and maybe a really good yet tasteful ground effects body kit. Side skirts, front bumper, rear bumper, etc.
    -just a few stencils which will at minimum include my racing team (lol not Akina Speedstars or Project D sadly) and one from this lovely forum.
    -I agree that my stock transmission is really good and extremely solid for a car of this age but I'm open to suggestions for the diff.

    That's it from me for right now. I'm sure I'll be making updates to this dream sheet as time rolls on. I want to hear about some other folks dream builds!!!
  2. scottjackson1209

    scottjackson1209 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Built gen 3 3SGTE running megasquirt ems and aem methanol injection. I've already got a gen 3 3sgte and will rebuild it with forged internals some time in the future.

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  3. LionTR

    LionTR Well-Known Member Donated!

    I wanted to buy more serious brakes and suspension, but now I'm satisfied with what I achieved currently, maybe some lighter rims and my ST162 is perfect for everyday street driving and going on trips and journeys.

    If I could be able to afford it, I would build a gen1 Celica with Black Top BEAMS, coilover suspension, some nice set of breaks, and all unnecessary interior stuff thrown out, for track day use only.
  4. racerb

    racerb Well-Known Member

    Actually to just finish my 2 Celica GTS racecar projects, the first being the Test Mule using an '87 GTS chassis to run NASA HPDE and Time Trials. The second being a '86 GT built to full blown racecar status using all GTS engine, transmission, suspension and brakes, plus an assortment of later model parts I have discovered will fit and work with these chassis. Long range goal, to have a competitive NASA PTE racecar the can turn close to track record times at VIR, Roebling Road and Road Atlanta.

    racerb :corsair
  5. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    It mite sound stupid but I would put a 2zjte in my st162

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  6. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    2JZ won't fit, you could try making it RWD with a supra box but then you'd need a GT4 chassis and some other kind of steering rack.

    For kicks I'd like to fit one with a 3 or 4 rotor rotary motor, exhaust plumbing would be a pita though
  7. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    Well the good thing I didn't go for the 2jz swap

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  8. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    dream build:
    1 out of 77 USDM '87 IMSA GTO Champion commemorating car with original paint white ST165
    2GR-FE V6 or ST215 Caldina 3S-GTE using st205 gearbox.
    16x7 +35 Toyota TRD Alumi-K wheels
    Black leather interior

    That for me would be the ultimate ST165.
    out of all the 4th gens, I think the IMSA GTO st165's are the most rare, asides from the TEMS ST162.
    2GR-FE is just out of this world. rode in one in an mr2 and your guts end up being part of the seat back cushioning.
    Alumi-K wheels are just the classiest old school wheels to come on a Toyota car. Work Equip 019's come really close to this design.

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