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Aftermarket helical LSD options for st162 sx

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by Hazzmac92, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. LionTR

    LionTR Well-Known Member Donated!

    It depends on what you use your car for. For street use, I don't think an LSD is necessary, it will rather give more safety on slippery (wet, snowy) surface than more grip in corners. That is under normal everyday usage. If you use your car on track, it's not about wheelspin in corners, the main gain is that you can accelerate out of a corner sooner and gives you more cornering speed, because it reduces understeering.
  2. Hazzmac92

    Hazzmac92 Well-Known Member

    Ahhh I see
    I use it for tight twisty roads
    Max power will be 120kw atw on a gen 1 3sge
    I'll use the $1200 elsewhere
  3. racerb

    racerb Well-Known Member

    Just find yourself a standard GT/GTS 5-speed box and run the GTS axel half shafts, much simpler and less expensive.

    I only drove my car in anger a few times before installing the LSD, and there was noticeable wheel spin, but never torque steer as with other FDW cars. The fact that the GTS has essentially equal length shafts, due to the intermediate shaft running behind the engine, the torque steer is nearly eliminated. That said, after installing the Phantom Grip unit made wheel spin nearly non-existent, want say it was totally gone, as at lower speed corner exit, there is just a hint of traction lose, but very minimal.

    Like I said earlier, I have run the Phantom Grip units in 56hp Honda Civics, 80hp Nissan Pulsars, and now a 135hp Celica GTS, all with zero issues or even extra clutch wear.

  4. xups

    xups Active Member

    I can get helical LSD from C160 (AE111 Levin) transmission, what difference can I expect on our car? Is it worth?
    C160 LSD is the same as in MR2 Spyder, so theatrically it must fit in S54 transmission.
    Car is my summer dd and used for some trackdays.
  5. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    guys, search for 41301-ST804 on this page: http://www.trdparts.jp/english/parts_lsd_mechanical.html

    Now you'll find every car that has a compatible diff with our st162 boxes. then search for lsd's for any car listed with the same TRD p/n.
    You'll find that the SW20 LSD uses the same P/n.
    The MR-S (MR2 spyder) as well, the 7th generation Celica, etc.

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