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Worst Parts Toyota Designed for the Celica

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ST165-2765, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. ST165-2765

    ST165-2765 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Post up your pics of what you think toyota could have done a better job at designing

    I stole this one from Stig, its the wiring loom protector that goes over the front
    of the valve covers
  2. Rick89GTS

    Rick89GTS Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    Plastics end tanks on their radiators - especially the ST165. Just plain stupid.
    At least my frustration motivated me to get the ASI ST165/162 aluminum radiator made 8)
  3. ST165-2765

    ST165-2765 Well-Known Member Donated!

    You are my hero for doing that Rick. I see on ebay I can get 1 shipped to my door for about $220 now and I considered getting one for my GTS but I still have 2 brass rads so I'll spend that $220 on something else.
  4. Rick89GTS

    Rick89GTS Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    ^Thanks. I will say that I'm a bit choked that our guys paid more on the initial run and now the price has dropped so dramatically. Overall, it's good for the Gen4 community, so I'm happy about that part.
  5. rev_head

    rev_head Well-Known Member Donated!

    power steering HP hose, honeslty whos hasnt let go.
    spare wheel well thats not deep enough by like an inch

    im sure il think of more haha
  6. Charger

    Charger Well-Known Member

    Not making the body out of stainless steel.
  7. Alwayzsidewayz

    Alwayzsidewayz ST162 Guru Donated!

    How long we got? :D

    Few fave hates of mine

    Dipstick tube location

    wooden plank that protects the abs, was a plastic / metal so hard to design???

    Window lifter switch, too easy to snap

    Door pull internal, the trim round it, way to easy to damage

    The AFM :evil: :evil: :evil:

    The location of the knock sensor!!!

    Just a few of my thoughts
  8. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    one has to be the front plastic under the engine...it just gets ripped off.
  9. davidsondarun

    davidsondarun Active Member

    Happened to me not too long ago
  10. Mattcr2d2

    Mattcr2d2 Well-Known Member Donated!

    i personally hate the cup holders in my car first off if you stop to hard the cover hits that what ever your drinking and ive had the cups spill because of that, also the cover is so breakable when someone gets into the back or if you bump it. i broke mine the 2nd day i owned the car.
    location of the oil filter, right under the headers no leverage to remove it at all. that was a bitch to get out, had to buy a oil filter wrench...
  11. 89celicagt

    89celicagt Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    The stupid power window button for the drivers side :(
  12. Mattcr2d2

    Mattcr2d2 Well-Known Member Donated!

  13. 86CelicaGT-S

    86CelicaGT-S Well-Known Member

    1. Definitely wished they put more effort in making the doors seal better at the top. I love the frameless window's but when it hits -20 degrees and lower (lowest is -40 usually) there is more ice on the inside of my window's than the outside; not so easy to scrape ice off the inside of the window.

    2. Turning radius; teeeerrible in these cars.

    Hmm...I dunno, all I can think of right now! :mrgreen: Overall, the 4th gens. are freaking AWESOME!
  14. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    To be fair, stuff does wear & tear after 20 years ;) - seen any 20yr old Honda's lately?

    The Gen4 was a radical departure for Toyota and they did rectify most of the flaws on later models

    Check out the Gen5 harness holder I bought yesterday, it even extends down
    past the alternator

    There are a lot of strange ideas on the cars, it helps make them unique

    I hate:
    The flimsy grille clips
    The stupid speaker sizes
    Taking the entire lower dash & console out to get at the radio
    The unmarked and hidden fuse panels
    The chrome window beading inserts
    The leaky rear windows, tail lights and bootlid
    The stupid conrod oil holes
    Single core radiators on high performance 2L motors
    Rear springs too close to the hubs
    The location of the RHD brake master
    The access to the cambelt etc and those silly covers
    GE starter location? why
    3 piece flimsy front spoiler
  15. Charger

    Charger Well-Known Member

    I believe that Toyota should have kept it rwd. I would like the my Celica so much more, and probably keep it till the wheels fall off... and then put them back on and drive it some more!

    And stig, I agree with you on getting to the radio. Pull out the center console, undo the glove box and the plastic under the wheel, THEN pull the stuff out from around the radio.
  16. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    +1 on the speaker sizes and deck removal. removing the deck in my 5g takes all of 30 seconds, the 4g takes more like 30 minutes. the placement of the screws for the rear speakers on the Coupe is terrible as well, I'd have to use this terrible flex extension on a screwdriver which still wouldn't bend enough so I'd strip the screws out more and more each time, such a hassle.
  17. Rick89GTS

    Rick89GTS Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    Faulty design and/or factory soldering of HVAC panels. Who here hasn't ever had a heating problem?!
  18. 86CelicaGT-S

    86CelicaGT-S Well-Known Member

    lol, my best time for removing the deck is a little less than 20 minutes - I took out my new one and installed the old one when I got the 4runner. Though it is still a pain to remove it.
  19. Rick89GTS

    Rick89GTS Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    ^Me too, I'm so used to removing the stereo and heater control panel now that it only takes me a few minutes to get in and out. Still a PITA though, the whole car is like a damned interlocking jigsaw puzzle :x
  20. 86CelicaGT-S

    86CelicaGT-S Well-Known Member

    ^^ lol tell me about it....

    My brother started taking the front end apart on his '87 GT so he can put his new fender on. He got the fender on but after finishing putting my seats in etc. I helped out putting it all back together and heck we couldn't get the bolts on the front bumper bolts re-alined and nuts installed so now the front bumper and license plate holder is held on by...of all things...duct tape...lol. He had to go to work so that's why we had to imper vise. There's no grill on either...lol.

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