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which camry transmission

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by malodin, May 4, 2007.

  1. malodin

    malodin Well-Known Member

    Hi all, just want to know which v-6 camry tranny to get, is there a year break i should look for or pretty much all of them?
  2. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member


    he will know for sure, you check his post?
  3. racerb

    racerb Well-Known Member

    My spare tranny is a '96 Camry box which is called an S-54, it looks exactly like the S-53s that came in the '87-'89 GTs and GTSs. Most differences are internal, as in gearing and strength of build.

    racerb :?
  4. malodin

    malodin Well-Known Member

    so any "s" tranny will bolt right in? or is there mounting differences for the tranny mounts? main reason i wanna make sure is because im going to be doing a 5sge/gte motor in a 5th gen celica and was looking at a camry 5spd on c/l and just wanted to make sure it would drop in.
  5. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    the s54 should bolt up you'll just have to play with axles.
  6. Noobified

    Noobified Guest

    what the hell does this mean? custom axles? camry axels? wiggle the stock gt/gts axles in?
  7. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    more along the lines of different inners and outers...so custom to an extent.
  8. Noobified

    Noobified Guest

    Ok. Thanks for clarifying.

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