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Toyota delivered this car the other day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spiderman, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    I have a toyota auto dealer/parts dealership 2 blocks from me on the way to the shops so I went and asked questions about it............ sat in it and did a once over and I like it :twisted

    I havn't driven it but I like its weight/balance......... This thing would handle nice, it's got little leg room in the back but the seats are beautifull............ The auto's got paddle shifters which I love.

    It's selling for $ 34,000 AUD

    As your about to see, there are a couple of significant running gear changes :mrgreen ........... even the 1983 AE86 gets a mention......... http://toyota.com.au/86
  2. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    coool!!! are you going to buy?
  3. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    At last some beef to go with the burger!, I'd say it's more like a Celica successor than any other model since the ST231
    The AE86 is hardly a heritage car, more like a cult car due to being one of the last RWD's with little motorsport pedigree.
    I like the LFA styling and the price should see them everywhere
  4. Toytuner

    Toytuner Well-Known Member Donated!

    there is one at the Dealership here, its pretty sweet, they used a 2000gt for inspiration too. The only down side is that subaru has the exact same car called the BZR or something. the new toyota/scion is pretty sweet though good to see the sports car come back
  5. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    brz, considering that they collaborated to create this car, it's not bad. subaru boxer with toyota direct injection...it's so going to be my graduation car. under 30000 canadian too. the first time i saw it it was going around a street turn at 40km/h+
  6. celica_gt-i

    celica_gt-i Well-Known Member

    Love it!!!The first one arrived in Portugal about 2/3 weeks ago,its an auto and its orange...Is the president of Toyota Portugal that is driving it!!
  7. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    @ Sean, sadly I'm not purchasing it.

    @ Stig, I had no idea the LFA styling was 'coined' for the lexus, I agree that this could very well be a celica 'sports' successor and it was the first thing I thought when I spotted it, did you mean the ZZT - 231 ?

    It was such an attention grabber because they parked the 2 at 90 degrees, same colour (silver), different alloys, one manual and one auto with slightly different coloured patches in the seats.

    When I turned up to suss them out a dude in a 7th gen turned up at the same time and I said to him, "what is it" and he said it's the new celica :lol

    It's not surprising because there is no labeling on the car to tell what it is, only the yota badge on the front. I said to him, is it 2 or 4WD and he said dunno so I stuck my head under the front to see what gives and before I could see it he said all celicas are FWD and with that he walked off :lol, I did'nt get a chance to give him the heads up. It was then I decided to go inside to chat to the parts manager.

    The parts manager was also trying to explain to me that this thing has 2 different types of fuel delivery systems :scratch , but it was'nt computing, anyone know what he may be talking about ?.
    He did mention that it was also a 1st for subaru on this particular type of engine. I'll go back and ask one of the sales reps.

    Out of curiousity, I'll find out if the traction control can be switched off and on another note has anyone driven a car with electric power steering and what's the difference in feel ?
  8. trel162

    trel162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    On the toyota link you have in the first post, there is a pic of the injectors, it seems there is the normal style and an extra at the top of the cylinder for direct injection, maybe for high loads?
    Cool car its a shame i won't afford one til theyre 10 years old :p


    I read that Toyota reluctantly gave Subaru the direct injection technology... But you read all kinds of things from both sides

    "Direct Injection (D-4S)

    In a world first, Toyota's D-4S system has been applied to the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine, making the 86 incredibly responsive, helping to Improve power output and making each drop of fuel work even harder.
    The D-4S system combines injectors that inject fuel at high pressure directly into the cylinders, together with conventional injectors, injecting fuel into the intake ports.
    The system adjusts itself accordingly switching direct cylinder injection off and on depending to engine speeds.
    As a result of this unique combination of the D-4S system and Boxer engine technology the 86's FA20 engine produces 147kW of power and 205Nm of torque."
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2012
  9. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    Yup, sometimes a collaberation works, good reading isn't it. Intersting name for a car huh.

    I know there's been plenty of talk here about the boxer engine but I'v always liked the lower center of gravity and reckon Subaru have done well with this engine over the years and I wonder how an 86 AWD Turbo would go............

    I was looking around under the bonnet and kept thinking it's a low balanced engine in a low car and sitting in it was lovely like strap yourself in and flog it round the race track :lol

    I'd like to see it on Top Gear............ with and without traction control :mrgreen
  10. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    it's "only" 200 bhp so don't expect to see BMW M-series driftshows from topgear ;).

    To be a driftcar it needs too loose weight or gain power, I would suggest supercharger :)
  11. LionTR

    LionTR Well-Known Member Donated!

    Japanese pro tuning companies are already working on the kits, they received the first cars from Toyota for development :)
  12. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    I hear you and not even drifting but maybe bi-turbo .......... either way it'd be a handfull being so small/short a body.

    Sweeeeet.......... there's plenty of room for enhancements I'm sure.

    The fact that this engine uses the Toyota fuel delivery system combined with Subaru technology/engines for the 'first time' has to surely produce some interesting results ready for Einsteins to improve/modify/aftermarket it.

    Stay tuned .............. Maybe :mrgreen
  13. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    Today i got post from Toyota !! I am one of a selected group of celica/mr2 owners that is offered a chance to testdrive the GT86 on the track !! First come first serve for the open seats so I immediately replied that I want to !!!

    I am really hoping to be selected for the testdrives on track !! I hear before july 6th and it is on july 12th :).
  14. LionTR

    LionTR Well-Known Member Donated!

    Oh, you [][{%!!/+!
    Grats! :D
  15. celica_gt-i

    celica_gt-i Well-Known Member

    Congratz Roy :D

    Im tryin' to win a test drive at the Algarve Circuit :p
  16. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    it's not sure yet...I have to wait untill july 6th :)

    But yes I'm really really hoping i will so lucky !!!!!
  17. Rick89GTS

    Rick89GTS Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    Wouldn't surprise me if Toyota slapped a factory turbo in there in a year or so...
    lonewolf,, you;re a lucky dawg. Make sure to snap some pics for us on your test drive :)
  18. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    Yup, strap a camera in the car, I wanna see the tacho as well, when I first sat in it I thought the tacho was gonna attack me........ it's massive :lol

    I thought the same.......... factory turbo annnnnnd AWD :twisted

    I was in the shop just an hour ago and spotted the wheels magazine and nearly dropped it with instant paralysis, look at this and you'll see what I mean........ http://www.fr-sforum.com/forums/fr-...ota-86-vs-porsche-cayman-wheels-magazine.html
  19. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    I just spotted this........

    "Now holding on to the Cayman, the 86 begins to reveal its greatness, a cohesive balance that is utterly addictive".

    The sweetness of the beautifully direct, linear steering, so razor-sharp when snapping from one direction to another, yet never nervous or demanding of concentration. The Cayman's hydraulic steering is excellent, yet the 86's steering is even better: more incisive, quicker, demanding of less input through any given corner, with an instinctive purity that I'd previously thought impossible with electric assistance. Is it better than the new 911's electric set-up? Yes, because on-centre the 86's steering is sharper, more natural, with greater sensitivity.

    The Toyota turns in instinctively, accurately, holding the line through constant radius corners with the gentlest of understeer. The 86's seemingly modest 215/45R17s generate enough lateral grip to maintain station with the Porsche, yet lift deliberately and the tail subtly drifts out, the nose tucking in, the car's stance so obviously utterly adjustable. Best of all, I can feel the tyre's contact patches working and know exactly how much they offer, effortlessly loading up the outside rear, or transitioning gently, flowing smoothly into oversteer.

    The car is alive--that word again--and I recall Tada-san explaining the benefits of the compact, low-mounted, boxer engine and the importance of a low centre of gravity--18mm lower than that of the Cayman, according to Toyota--to chassis balance, real agility and composure. These qualities combine with the ability to instantly settle even as it skips a couple of millimetres sideways over a bump that would seriously upset any lesser car. I'm staggered by the 86's talents, at once delicate and precise, and its inherent ability to reward the enthusiast driver. It never intimidates, never needs to be goaded, is always on the driver's side. The Cayman may be more planted and capable of higher levels of lateral acceleration but, amazingly, the 86 manages to be even greater fun."

    If your interested, here is the link to the info above, and their member comments....... http://www.autospies.com/news/86-vs-Cayman-comparo-from-Wheels-Magazine-Australia-70781/
  20. 187flatliner

    187flatliner Seat Breaker Donated!

    im waiting and saving...hoping something of a better option shows up down the line...like supercharged or turbo.....test drove one and i love the handling.....its between this and the new tc for me on new cars....got about 4k saved so far....i want at least 10k before i hit the contract table in the face with my dough.

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