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some of my awesome stuff

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by rev_head, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. rev_head

    rev_head Well-Known Member Donated!

    so unfortunately i am scrapping my 162 project as i dont have the time, space or money so here goes

    1. My custom made st16x bonnet with group a vent moulded in. the vent was panel bonded on and fiberglassed in, spent ALOT of time on this one off bonnet


    2. Extremely rare at160 Corona clear front corner lights which IMO look epic. pictured above ^

    3. Full ssv body kit for st16x. Rear bar has been repaired. side skirts in good condition. front bar is in tact but needs some work

    4. Whiteline front and rear sway bars for st162. excellent condition and come with the whiteline bushes. prity sure you cant buy these anymore and they make an incredible difference to the handling!

    5. Full set of control arms with full poly bushed set for st162. the rears were never installed and the fronts did less then 5,000kms.
    The buses alone cost me over $600


    1. $400
    2. $100
    3. front $180, sides $120, rear $180 or all 3 for $400
    4. $250
    5. $350

    All prices do not include shipping.

  2. 4thgenceli

    4thgenceli Test Dummy

    How much to ship 1, 4 and 5 to 85004 or 85027
  3. rev_head

    rev_head Well-Known Member Donated!

    a shitload. Im in in Australia lol
  4. trel162

    trel162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Interested in 4 and 5 shipped to 6018 west aus.
    In line after 4thgenceli, of course
  5. goingfinn

    goingfinn Well-Known Member

    Hi. I can take 2. Will PM you.
  6. 4thgenceli

    4thgenceli Test Dummy

    Well clearly he doesn't want to sell it to me and deal with shipping to me.
  7. trel162

    trel162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    all yours if you'd like it, i want it but don't need it.
    found spare control arms in my shed so i'd only be after 4 - i can get poly bushes cheap enough locally.
  8. rev_head

    rev_head Well-Known Member Donated!

    theres no need at all for a comment like that. i simply wasnt sure if you realised where i was. shipping alone would cost more then the parts not to mention the fact that by the time it got to you i can almost guarantee the bonnet would be fucked as they arent exactly careful with stuff in shipping containers so please dont get your back up so easily next time
  9. SouthernGemini

    SouthernGemini Active Member

    I agree about the shipping issue. If you were within 5 hrs drive of me, I would buy that bonnet. Esp Texas b/c I go to Texas 3-4 times a year. I've shipped three fiberglass items for my other cars over the years and EVERY time it gets to me damaged. From Aus that hood would arrive here like a broken matzah (matzoh) cracker.
  10. LionTR

    LionTR Well-Known Member Donated!

    Oh, I want all the six rear arms soo bad. But I'm out of car budget for now. If you'll have them later on, I'll take them, don't care about shipping costs.
  11. Phinex

    Phinex Active Member

    I would like to take the Corona corner lights off your hands if they're not sold :)

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