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removing intake manifold

Discussion in '3sge' started by mephtar, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. mephtar

    mephtar Well-Known Member

    after having my memory jogged in jesters thread, i remember it would bea very good idea to take the t-vis plate off and give it a good cleaning and butterfly valve check. Is it possible to remove with the engine in the car?
  2. ST165-2765

    ST165-2765 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Yes but what a PITA
  3. mephtar

    mephtar Well-Known Member

    figures, any tips that you wish you knew last time you went to take one off?
  4. ST165-2765

    ST165-2765 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Pull the engine.......

    Other than that a good set of tools.... ratchets with universal joints 1/4"
  5. CrazyAchmed

    CrazyAchmed Well-Known Member Donated!

    Its a pain even with the motor out. But doable.

    scribbles are your friend.
  6. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    lol scribble!!!!
  7. alman162

    alman162 Well-Known Member

    i've done it with the engine in. its a pretty shit task but do-able. apretty fiddly and shit but yeah.

    replace the gaskets while your down there too!

    i can write a list of things that need doing but its pretty straight forward.
  8. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member

    Not to sound stupid but although it is a pain in the ass, if you know where the nuts and bolts are it can be done easier than expected, also helps if you just happen to have an extra 3S-GE lying around to help get your bearings from too. :eek:
    taking off the hoses on the end of the intake and the throttle body makes things much easier and skinny arms are useful. other than that just a small ratchet and ring spanners and you'll be fine.

    Note* If a hose is in the way, remove it, after fiddling around it for half an hour you'll wish you had anyway, also check what hoses you can, nothing worse than finding a vacuum leak after you've just had a chance to check em.

    And Good Luck!

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