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Project "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

Discussion in '3sge' started by Kiasis, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Well kinda...
    A ring gear presses on your flywheel, a crownwheel bolts on your differential.
    What do you call a crownwheel and pinion over there?

    The 202 box has improved syncros and obviously newer than anything else.
    You will have to swap the speedo drive and your gearbox mounts over plus the starter needs changing and I'm not sure if your current ring gear (ie flywheel) will line up with the new starter.

    I'm curious about your noise, you say it's only on deceleration? There's no hassle changing gears etc, is it a high whining sound or a low rumble?

    What is FIPG? - Silicone or gasket sealer

    The vibration - Is it constant or only when moving in gear?
    Does it go away when you press the clutch in?
  2. Celic_GT2

    Celic_GT2 Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    over here the crownwheel is the ring gear and pinion. the ring gear that bolts to the carrier. i just call the flywheel gear, the starter gear.
  3. Kiasis

    Kiasis Well-Known Member Donated!

    Noise most prominent after I come off the throttle. Absolutely no trouble shifting. More of a low rumbling than a high whining. FIPG - Form in Place Gasket (Toyota shop manual reference). Vibration - I'm getting some at the stand still, although all motor mounts were replaced and timing is bang-on (better not be an out-of-round crank). Also getting a noise that I originally thought was worn strut mounts, but since they are now new and the sound remains, I suspect inboard drive shaft issues. After coming off throttle, if I engage the clutch, it quiets right down, although I may still get the sound I thought was worn strut mounts. I'll try to do a better job of listening today to various scenarios and offer a better description tonight. Thanks.

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