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my clutch is acting weird

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by schmooot, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    my clutch...its happening more and more often now. Every couple shifts my pedal stays on the floor....it feels like it is getting caught on the carpet but I've looked into that. When it sticks I can lift it back up a bit with my toe and then it pops all the way back up. Sometimes it sticks when I go to upshift into 3rd.....but it sticks disengaged so I end up grinding the gear. I wish I could troubleshoot more but it seems to only happen a couple times when I first start driving and then it clears up. I also haven't had the chance to stick my head down into the footwell while I am driving but it doesn't feel like a spring issue. I checked the fluid in the master cylinder and it was low so I topped it up but my pedal still sticks on the floor. I dug around in my manual and I now suspect the clutch release cylinder to be at fault. QUestion is where is it located? And can someone explain to me the purpose of this and how it works with the clutch master cylinder and entire clutch system. I'm stumped
  2. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    a couple things, check the hydrolics, sounds like they may be failing.
    did you install the throwout bearing correctly?
    is the clutch fork hooked to the throwout bearing?
  3. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    i edited my description a bit. I put this motor in almost 3 years ago now....that is the last time the clutch/tranny system has even been touched except for a fluid change. This just started happening when I put it on the road this year

    edit: If I understand what role the clutch release cylinder plays I'm pretty confident I can fix the problem. Like I said I suspect it needs to be replaced and the system bled
  4. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    hydrolics then. the pressure plate returns the pedal. it could be the clutch but i doubt it.
  5. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    the pressure plate returns the pdeal or the pressure plate sends hydraulic fluid to the clutch release cylinder....which then returns the pedal?
  6. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    the plate. it pushes the fork back which pushes the slave rod back which puses fluid to the master which pushes the piston back which pushes the pedal back.
  7. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    so where teh hell is this release cylinder? is it mounted on the master cylinder or on the frame?
  8. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    its right on the bell housing of the tranny on a ge.

    itll look like this but turned 180 degrees

  9. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    oh that little thing. I saw it on the new tranny and wasn't quite sure what it was. I knew it connected to the clutch fork but that was about it.
  10. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    alright....now which one do I change. I think I will price out a master cylinder and replace it today....or am I better off just doing both while I have to bleed the system anyways?
  11. JoeJack88

    JoeJack88 Well-Known Member Super Moderator Donated!

    just do both at once...there both 20 y/o parts and you dont want one failing after ou fix the 1st
  12. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    yah you're right
  13. SpeedDemon

    SpeedDemon Well-Known Member

    Yeah replace them both.

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