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3sgelc plus turbo build project

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maranco, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. pandafabrications

    pandafabrications Active Member Donated!

    That, I am not so sure of. The last one I pulled only had approx 20k miles on it since rebuild, and was already showing wear. Now, I don't know how well it was taken care of, but the engine was very clean inside, and didn't burn any oil. The 5S I picked up also had bad wear, with only 114k on it. I would say there is some sort of design flaw, most likely what Stig is getting at with the oiling to the rods.
  2. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    i honestly don't trust most rebuilds. there are so many parts out there that "work" but are wrong. for instance, oe bearings are tri metal on both g motors. the f motors are aluminum. the modern oil (usa) we use is wrong for the bearings. the g series bearings require a percentage of zddp that is not included in oil since the early 2000s. so many factors and so little information.

    a lot of it is years of research and experience but while i'm also a full time master automotive technician, i can tell you this...
    i have NEVER seen engine failure in any brand that is NOT the owners fault. bearing wear is always because of: consistant high rev, lack of oil maintenance, incorrect oil weight or type, detonation, pump faults, vent contanination. most rod failure is due to FOD in the combustion chamber or bearing wear.
  3. Maranco

    Maranco Active Member

    Suggestions for ecu...

    Hey guys, the build project is moving onto the next phase which is engine management. I m curious to know if the st162 3sgelc engine harness is the same as the st165. I imagine that there are some slight differences i.e, knock sensor, iat sensor. Tweaked performance sells plug and play patch harness kits for using the aem ems4 standalone. Since I already have bigger than stock injectors and I am right around max injector duty load for the stock 165 ecu, I figure the ems4 would be an economical way to start exploring a/m ecu. If I could pickup that patch harness it would make life so much easier. Any thoughts? Thanks again for the feedback and education!
  4. sillyca

    sillyca Well-Known Member Donated!

    The harnesses are almost identical. The 162 is only missing the nock sensor, map sensor, and a couple of vsv sensors, they are the only ones I found to be missing.

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  5. Maranco

    Maranco Active Member

    Harness and ecu options

    Thanks for the reply sillyca. So you had the 3sge harness and ecu hooked up on your build and had over fueling. I was hoping by using the st165 patch harness for the aem ems4 plus crank sensor and cop units I could take advantage of more precise timing maps and the injector controllers would have no problem with the 500cc high impedance top feeds. The stipulation being that I can use the st162 harness with the patch and ems4.
  6. Maranco

    Maranco Active Member

    Thread update

    So I got in touch with tweaked performance tuning. They offer custom patch harnesses for all toyota 4-cylinder engines. They can get me a patch harness for my turbo 3sge st162 to be a plug-n-play component with the aem ems 4. With the new ems I get IAT sensor as well as as a map sensor. I will finally be free of the Afm (lol).
    $199 for the patch harness, $795 for the ems4, $180 for 20 minutes/3 pulls @ the dyno with tune adjustments. Does anyone know of a better option for engine management for ours cars?
  7. BogzillaGTR

    BogzillaGTR Active Member Super Moderator

    Does the 1st gen 3sgte ecu not plug and play ?

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  8. sillyca

    sillyca Well-Known Member Donated!

    It does but it's missing things like a knock sensor, map sensor, a couple of vsv units but the loom doesn't have a plug in it for the resistor pack that's required for gt4 injectors cause they run as low resistance injectors were as 3sge run high resistance injectors. And a few other minor things

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