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3s-fe to 3s-ge and 5s-fe to 3s-fe

Discussion in 'All Motor Power' started by lsgheero, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. lsgheero

    lsgheero Well-Known Member

    okay my younger brother who drives and 5th gen celly, blew his motor tonight.

    I found a 3s-ge

    (still waiting to see if its still for sale)

    how hard would the swap be from my 3s-fe to this 3s-ge. and finally can we swap my 3s-fe into my bros 5th gen with a 5s-fe?

    I am doing this as a way to get his car back on the road. also if anyone thinks the 3s-ge is a scam/bad deal then please let me know. Also is there anything i should look for when i look @ the engine, that could be a sign of problems to come.
  2. Saint

    Saint Guest

    dunno about the engine swaps, but im doubting that its a scam.. 1g 3sge engines dont seem to go for very much anyways. but it never hurts to be cautious.
  3. Gurr

    Gurr Guest

    Engine mount wise, it'll bolt up. its the wiring that you'll have to deal with. the 4th and 5th gen sensors differ quite alot. Plus the 5s is a 2.2 and the 3s is a 2.0, not sure how the ecu is gonna like that.

    So mechanically, it'll be fine. It's the electrical you have to have worry about.
  4. lsgheero

    lsgheero Well-Known Member

    thanks for the replies, still havent heard back from the seller tho.
  5. MITT4G

    MITT4G Well-Known Member

    Well to make your swap a little intresting - Use the 3SFE block with the 5SFE head- this way you wont have to change the ECU, or the Harness and you will gain about 13 HP !!
  6. werkit217

    werkit217 Well-Known Member

    jus for shits n giggles, wat mods must be done in order to do this, or is it more like a bolt on n drive away type of thing. I currently have a 3SFE n I really aint too knowledged on swaps n such so bear wit me
  7. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    just turbo it ;)
  8. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

  9. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    haha I was joking. I may put a 5SFE in my 87 :(. I don't want to but it may be my only option. at least I'd have a tranny ready for the GTE swap.

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