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you wont believe this!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kevinkyang, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. kevinkyang

    kevinkyang Well-Known Member Donated!

    ok, so the other night me and my brother went fishing in out cars. so, my brother owns a 2001 honda prelude. just the base model not the SH with a cold air intake and a mass airflow cat installed into it, but has bad axles. and i own the lovely toyota celica st with only an intake i baught off of ebay, but with a bad transmission, a laggin clutch, and a bad suspension. so, anyways we went fishing and on the way back the highway was pretty much empty with only the big rigs rolling. if you live in sacramento and know where i5 is and know how empty it can get at night it is the perfect strip to test high end cars. i mean this highways is perfect in my view. a complete straight away with nothing to get in the way of. so, we got onto the highway and we were just cruising going home i was wondering how my car would test up to his. my celica is only 104HP going up against a 200HP monster! keep in mind out little modifications. we are a putting out a little more horse than i said. so, i high beamed him to let him know i was calling him out and he hit the hazard to let me know he wanted to run. then i downed it to 4th and took off passing him up like a mugger and he couldnt keep up. i was completely amazed by how far i took him. i went passed the 120MPH mark on the speedo. we were going pretty fast you can say. anyways we slowed down and went at it again, but this time he downed it 3rd and took me by a cars distance and i downed to 4th again and began creeping up to him as i was reaching 110MPH. i was amazed again! i was like WTF! after that we just cruised back to his place and discussed the runs we had. we are planning on doing it to see whats up after he fixes his axles. hopefully i can fix my transmission, clutch and suspension in time for the next run. just thought that i would share this story with all you dudes. the celica's aren a force to be reckoned with. wow
  2. mifitso

    mifitso Guest

    sounds fun

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