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Would like keep original stereo and allow mp3 connection

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by 5678tyui, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. 5678tyui

    5678tyui Well-Known Member Donated!

    So that you know, I am not too savoy about stereos installations. I would like to learn, though.

    I want to keep my original Toyota radio/cassette stereo but somehow allow for mp3/Ipod player hookup/connection.

    Q1. This is not my main question (and I should know the answer to this), but for a quick fix that allows an mp3 connection, are there not cassette adapters that plug into mp3/Ipod players? I know there are cassette adapters that plug into cd players? Will these work for mp3/Ipod player also?

    Q2. Instead of a cassette adaptor, is there a more elegant solution? Something that's hidden with a inconspicuous plug and has quality sound?

    Q3. I am interested in pursuing the above mentioned, but for the heck of it, what stereo deck would you recommend now a days that full functionality and reasonably price?

  2. dan1_721

    dan1_721 Guest

    For something more hidden, you may be able to get an FM modulator that accepts a line-in from your mp3 player.

    However, id say thats about it!

    You really will get alot more from a new deck though, like new features, better sound quality even with stock speakers, ability to play cds etc, depends on what deck you get.
  3. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    Cassette-Cd is the same as Cassette to Ipod

    All the same sound waves that come out of the headphone jack :d
  4. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    i am working on using a retractable av plug with a jack adapter to come out of the empty button housing by the stereo where some people have their cruize switch. in am going to drill a hole through the empty plastic piece and run the cable through it and try to find a rubber sleeve to slip in there. the cord extends up to 3 feet i believe. the other thing you could do, since you are having the center console oout if you replace the stereo is to run the av cable under the console and drill a hole into the bottom of the armrest and make a homemade mount to hold the cabkle there in place and put your mp3 player there. may be a little harder to skip through your mp3s but it conceals the wire and the holder.
  5. 5678tyui

    5678tyui Well-Known Member Donated!

    Thanks everyone, I have a much better idea of what my options are.

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