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Ultimate st162/165 bulb Guide

Discussion in 'Interior' started by shifrerm, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. shifrerm

    shifrerm Member

    Yes I understand that this has been done before but this contains almost all the bulbs I can think of in the car
    I will put the type of bulb and what it goes into here we go,


    Bulb type: 74
    Cigarette lighter
    Glove box
    Ash tray
    Ignition switch light ring
    Warning lights instrument cluster (lower)

    Total number of lights: 12

    Bulb type: festoon 31mm 5050 (will be tight but does fit)
    Door courtesy lights
    Truck light
    Dome light

    Total number of lights: 4

    Bulb type: BA9S Bayonet
    Map light

    Total number of lights: 1
    Bulb type: 194
    Instrument cluster (upper)
    Turn signal markers

    Total number of lights: 10

    Bulb type: T4 neo wedge
    HVAC backlighting
    Hazard warning light switch
    Rear defrost switch

    Total number of lights: 4

    Bulb type: 29MM 6641
    Vanity mirror

    Total number of lights: 1


    Bulb type: H6054/H4 (if you have aftermarket housings)
    Stock headlights (seal beam)
    Aftermarket housings (H4)

    Total number of lights: 2

    Bulb type: 1156
    Reserve lights
    Rear turn signals
    Upper brake light

    Total number of bulbs: 5

    Bulb type: 1157
    Tail lights
    Parking lights
    Front turn signals

    Total number of bulbs: 6 (not positive)

    Bulb type: BA15S
    License plate lights

    Total number of lights 2

    Bulb type: H3 (ST165 only)
    Fog lights

    Please feel free to correct or comment if I missed anything
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
  2. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    Very useful , good post, thanks :)
  3. rjf

    rjf Member

    This is a great resource thanks. Does anyone know what the bulb is for the automatic shifter gear indicator light?

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