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ok i have a couple of question help me out

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by colt45, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. colt45

    colt45 Guest

    alright so i bought some driving lightes and cannot figure out a way to mount them without drilling into the bumper, i see kids who have driving lights and there obviously not mounted well because they jiggle like google eyes when they drive down the road and i dont want to be a dumbass like them

    other thing is im trying to find a good spot to put in my 6x9's so i took out the stock infinities in the back tray and the 6x9 isnt going to work there unless i do some major cutting not to mention a new tray cover because its not gonna be able to go in the same spot, theres mounting issues because wheres the current speaker is there wouldnt be anough tray on the side to mount the outside of the speaker know what im sayin>>>??

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