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need help with my swap

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by TLS-st162, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    ok so i got a 3sgte 2gn but i dont have a trans can i us a trans from a 87 gt or what can i use that would work for it.
  2. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    if the starter is on the tranny side you can, but I would recommend scoring a ST202 one which can handle more power.
  3. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    ok thanks bro, do you know any websites where i can get parts for my 3sgte cuz ebay sucks
  4. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    does that trans have a name or number that can help me find it better????
  5. MattC

    MattC Well-Known Member Donated!

    There are heaps of online performance stores that sell parts for 3S motors, what do you need?

    The ST205 transmission model number is E154F, but Toyota never stamped the model numbers into the casing so you need to look for other things to figure out what model of gearbox you have (or someone is trying to sell you). Read this thread: http://www.st162.net/forum/showthre...a-basic-guide-to&p=59737&viewfull=1#post59737
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2013
  6. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    I need a turbo/ blow off valve - maybe a hardness cause the one I got is 4 a mr2 but I got to make sure and just lil things to make it work.
  7. scottjackson1209

    scottjackson1209 Well-Known Member Donated!

    is your car an alltrac or gt/gts?

    Your current transmission should work just fine, unless it grinds.

    If you have an Alltrac and are looking for an AWD trans let me know! I've got one out of my 88 Alltrac that I need to get out of my garage. It worked fine, it would grind a little when down shifting from 4th to 3rd but otherwise worked fine!
  8. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    not sure why the mr2 one wouldn't work...it's a BPV and works better than BOVs. just make sure you're routing where the excess air comes out back into the intake pre-turbo. if you don't have it recirculating, a 2nd gen GTE will stall because the AFM reads it as an vacuum leak.
  9. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    also, for the trans, the 3SFE trans will work...not sure if it can handle the power for long. you should get an S54 at least...or E153F from a solara
  10. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    Ok I got a trans from a 93 gt but now I having another prombles I don't have a harness 4 my 2gn 3sgte motor and would my body harness work with my 88 st . Was can I do or does anyone have one ????


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