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knock sensor

Discussion in '3sge' started by mephtar, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. mephtar

    mephtar Well-Known Member

    does the 3sge have one? Theres a chance my engine is jdm so I was thinkning i might be losing out of an extra 15 hp by runing 87
  2. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    nope not listed on rockauto, alldata or mitchel ondemand
  3. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    i don't know. i'll look next time i'm at the shop.
  4. mephtar

    mephtar Well-Known Member

    the gte does correct? My friend was running 89 in a prelude and knock was retarding the timing. I was thikning theres a posibility of mine also having the same situation if it is indeed jdm (they have advanced timing to gain the 15 hp correct?)
  5. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    it's more than simple timing. they are tuned differently.
    oh and BTW if you are knocking then you sir have a serious problem. you can see by filling up with 93 and if there is a noticable gain then you need to run better gas. i also recommend avoiding cheap gas as it is usually contaminated with water.
  6. mephtar

    mephtar Well-Known Member

    ECU or mechanical tuning? Im just curious now cuz i was browsing the old posts and someone here said they dynoed 130hp with the jdm 3sge running on usdm ecu and no mods.

    new thought!

    hey mafix, you told me a while back that I should get some pics of my cams to see if it is indeed a jdm engine. im gonna be chaning my valve covers in a couple days so would you mind examining pics if i took them?

    p.s. what are you looking for?
  7. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    no not the cams. they are the same as usdm. jdm differences are egr and ecu and timing as far as i know. jdm engines run 12 degrees instead of 10 degrees mechanical timing. in your situation there is no way to tell. but! with the covers off take a pic of the top of the head and post it up. i'll let you know then.
  8. mephtar

    mephtar Well-Known Member

    will do, but what is it exactly you look for?

    p.s. Im not knocking as far as i know, shes running like a dream. but if we had knock sensors i might have had the timing retarted without knowing so i was curious. I got so much on my mind now, Ill try some 91 when i head home friday.

    another thought: Can our timing be adjusted to 12 deg. and if so could a jdm ecu be installed to get similar gains? (assuming egr is blocked off)

    p.s.s. How can you deturmin if an ecu is jdm vs usdm. this might be a giveaway to the possibility of a swap.

    (sorry for all the questions, i just like to learn)
  9. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    Pretty sure the US ecu says US right on it....but I could be wrong.....
  10. 1fstgts

    1fstgts Well-Known Member Staff Member Administrator Moderator Donated!

    The intake and exhuast manifold are what is a good tell tail on USDM or JDM. That is if they kept all that together. USDM=EGR piping JDM=None.

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