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Interesting axle find

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by Mechazawa, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Mechazawa

    Mechazawa Active Member Donated!

    I finally upgraded my gt/st axles to the gts units.

    A little background:
    1987 GT coupe
    1996 JDM 3sfe with 8 bolt crank
    1996 camry s53 gear box

    My axle boots were wasted so I decided to upgrade to the gts axles. I ordered them from RockAuto.

    On the first attempt, I started with the right side axle and ran into a unique problem:
    the carrier bearing will NOT come out of the bracket, SERIOUSLY. I removed the clip and the bolt; it should have fallen right out.

    also, my 3sfe has dowels locating that bracket so I couldn't simply unbolt the bracket and pull the whole thing out of the tranny; I had to pry it away from the block and rotate it in order to clear those dowels.
    see the dowels next to the bolt holes? ^

    So I had to go to the junk yard and find a new bracket to put on my new axle. What I noticed at the junk yard was that none of the 3s motors had these dowels but all the brackets have the holes that fit over them.

    Then I bolted the new bracket in place, slid the new axle in, then installed the clip and the bolt.
    That crap took all day to figure out:scratch (notice the lack of a power steering pump)^

    The left side took only 10 minuets: Unbolted the tulip from the drive flange, hooked up the old slide hammer;)(you can see the slide hammer in the first pic) and took two hits.

    I was disappointed at how easy it was.

    To get the new one in, I started it in the splines in the tranny, started it in the splines in the wheel hub, compressed the axle fully, then gave it a swift kick.

    Now the whole car has a thick coating of axle grease so I don't have to worry about rust.:hehe

    Don't do this project without a slide hammer http://www.harborfreight.com/slide-hammer-and-puller-set-16pc-60327.html

    Don't do this project without a helping hand to hold the strut out of the way. Unless you want to take the brakes apart and remove the hub and strut.

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