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Ice racing

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Glauxspeed, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Glauxspeed

    Glauxspeed Active Member

    here in Michigan we have multiple orginizations that organize races on frozen lakes during the winter months, this particular one, FURRIN GROUP does it autocross style with only one car going at a time, but the other major group Michigan Ice Racing Association (MIRA) does wheel to wheel ice races. I participated in a Furrin Group event today at Turk Lake in West michigan
    I drove My 1996 Olds Cutlass there, and for my first time i did great, my old grandpa beater cutlass beat a Ford Fiesta, a Turbo'd Saab 9000, a Dodge Magnum, a GMC, A bmw 135I a Miata, A Subaru Wrx Wagon, An Audi S6, and most amazingly, an old Porsche 912
    I can say i beat a porsche in my old car!

    I love it so much no matter how ugly you guys think it is
    Katana.jpg Katana on ice13115.jpg

    Does anybody else have this kind of thing where they live?
    If so anybody ever done it?

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