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hub swap for different bolt pattern

Discussion in 'Suspension / Brakes' started by Thaifighter, May 21, 2011.

  1. Thaifighter

    Thaifighter Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if there are any 5x114.3 Toyota wheel hubs that would fit our ST162's? (namely my 5x100 GTS)
    For example, would a SW20 MR2 wheel hub fit a Celica?

  2. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    you probably know this but you can buy adapers to go to 5x114. thinnest ive seen so far is 15mm.

    -id like to see a way to get it to 4x100. :cool

    -looks like front bearings are the same , so i think you can make the front 4x100 easy enough.

    -looks like camry are 5x100, mr2(aw11) are 4x100,mr2 turbo (sw20) is 5x114 but rwd (rotor vs. hub will be different), avalon are 5x 114(4.5) but different setup (sealed unit).

    -i think for 5x114 with no spacers your best bet would be to have the hubs and rotors redrilled w/ new studs. it may be possible to buy a "blank" rotor, and have it drilled. again not sure on the saftey factors of modding the hubs/rotors. but there must be a way to safely do this as i think you need some pretty hefty modding to achive "hellaflush". im also wondering what the "trick" is.
  3. Thaifighter

    Thaifighter Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I would prefer to hold off on adapters since I would have to do more fender rolling/ negative camber to get it to fit flush.

    I saw this thing on the internet and am wondering if it could work for my car. (Or what I would have to do/find to get it to fit.)
    http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/sku/R ... er#reviews
  4. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    not sure what the application for that is. to my knowledge hubs arent really universall, so youd have to find something that would be close or work with the brakes.
    http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/searc ... :Wheel+Hub)

    -thats an 86 gt-s hub..non-abs. basically the bearing is pressed into the knuckle, then the hub (center piece) is pressed into that. theoretically you could find a bearing, hub, and brake disk that could work w/o having to change the knuckle. since the caliper mounts to the knuckle its important to keep the knuckle stock. otherwise youll have alignment/fittament issues.
    -for the front its important that the hub has the correct splines for the cv.

    -the biggest problem is finding the measurements for everything. nobody actually lists the measurements, just the part numbers. and even if 2 hubs are exactly the same, if they have a different bolt patern they are a different part #.

    -my current thought is that the gt-s axles are interchangeable w/ gt. the bearing is the same p/n, so you should be able to swap front hubs for gt ones to get 4x100. the bearing for the rear is also the same, so MAYBE the hub is the same. the issue is the rear brakes since gt is drum. i dont think you can re-drill for 4x100, but you may be able to find a "blank" disk and have it drilled to 4x100.

    -after looking at hubs i dont think you can drill a stock one as there wont be enough meat on the out side for 5x114.

    -i know a place that may be able to get me measurements. ill be looking into it this week. theres tons more "old school" rims in 4x100 but you be stuck to 13,14,and a few 15 in rims. but streaching a tire onto a wide rim would actually get you more fender clearence from the angle of the tire. ----i personally cant stand that look though and it really has no function. id be very happy with an old school 15x7, just have to find one with the right offset.
  5. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    check this out. go through the different letters.
  6. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    My way to solve this problem-
    Buy a spare set of hubs, disassemble them, get a toolmaker to re-drill the new holes,
    put the studs back in, re-assemble, fit to car - Done

    This was the only way to convert my Alfa (4x98) to use VW rims (4x100) safely
  7. Thaifighter

    Thaifighter Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for the ideas and link.

    So essentially buy some 5x100 Celica hubs from a junkyard, and then have someone redrill them to 5x114.3 for me?
  8. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    If it's a problem they could even make new flanges to fit your hubs
  9. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    from the parts search it looks like stigs right. just re-drill the hubs and disks. id buy new disks first that way you wont have to pay to have another set drilled when there toast.

    -it would be easiest to use the same # of holes for a re-drill. e.g. i want 4 x 100 or 4 x 114, so ill swap to gt/st 4-lugs first. and have them drilled to 4x114 if needed. this way you can have them "clocked" exactly opposite the old holes. this would get you the most strength.
    -if you wanted 5 lug on you gt/st, swap the hubs from a gt-s then have them drilled to the approprite size.

    -reason i say that is there is a pretty good amount of interference on a setup with both 4 and 5 holes. theres always atlest 1 hole thats missing about 1/4 of the "meat" around it.

    -ill be trying to find a "blank" rear disk to avoid this. but may have to live with it.
  10. kelvinman

    kelvinman Guest

    How does hub swap work? Is it a direct swap or is there a lot of modification involved?

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