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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by toyotawes, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. toyotawes

    toyotawes Active Member

    Hello all,

    Names Anthony but I go by Wes. New here but not new to the Toyota game. Ive got the same handle on classic-celica.com, and celica-supra.com, I go by 85GTS over at Celica-gts.com which is where I spend most of my time, since the first celica I bought for myself was an 85 GTS.

    Picked up my 1st 4th gen (the 88)back in May of 2014 then in July of the same year got 2 more (yes, Im aware of my toyota sickness) Figured id finally pop in to a 4th gen forum and see what y'all are up to.

    Current cars I own.

    77 Celica GT LB
    78 Celica ST coupe
    84 Celica GT-S Hatch(for sale, whenever I can get it all back together)
    85 Celica GT-S Hatch (usual daily, I go back and forth between this one and the 87)
    86 Celica GT-S coupe (parting out, almost ready to go away)
    87 Celica GT-S coupe (current daily)
    88 Celica GT-S coupe (waiting for the engine out of the 86, then its being sold)

    79 Supra (donating its engine, trans, and rear end to the 78 celica, then its going away)
    85 Camry (future incognito dd, ive already got a 3sfe to go in it in place of the leaking smoking 2s, but may frankenstein a ge for it out of spare parts)

    95 Previa S/C (family hauler for the wife and 4 mini mes)

    My very first car was a yellow 78 Celica GT coupe, got rid of my factory 5 speed cressida this last summer, and I also used to own a 92 2wd toyota pickup, so yeah, im pretty old hat at toyotas. We finally got rid of my wifes old saturn this summer and became an all toyota household. (achievement unlocked!)

    So anyways, the 88 was a deal I picked up on CL, knew from the get go the engine was toast, BHG at minimum, possible rod knock. Got it pull started and it sounded like hell. Ran for a few seconds and then jammed the #1 piston sideways in the bore, so something is up. Ill finally get around to pulling the engine in the next month or so hopefully since I have something to put in its place. Pics here

    The next 2 were kind of not planned but whatever. I was interested in the 87 because it looked pretty nice and was just not running. Before I could get up to Wa to look at it though the guy selling it picked up a parts car (the 86) at an auction, and wound up offering me both of them as a package deal. Lucky for me my wife is awesome and we had the money so we wound up getting both of them. Brought a tow dolly for the 87 and took a chance on the 86 making it home which it did (Renton, WA to Oregon City) Pics and more here

    Havent done much to the 87 other than drive it. Done regular maintenance and that sort of thing. I did snag some nice infinity 3.5" speakers from the wrecking yard and then upgraded the rears to match, along with a crappy double din head unit. (was on a budget, but tired of the radio. Gotta have my usb!)

    Looking forward to gleaning what info I can here and maybe contribute a little every now and then too ;)
  2. toyotawes

    toyotawes Active Member

    Well crap...

    Got the head of the engine out of the 86 last night, and found this big ol crack in the #2 cylinder....


    Since thats where the head gasket blew, im guessing that that cylinder got a nice gulp of water and hydro locked and blew out the cylinder wall. Its hard to see in the pic but the cylinder wall is blown out and not in as it might have if the block froze. Pretty sure freezing isnt what happened, since all the coolant wound up down in the sump and well it was antifreeze and not water. Anyways, now im hoping the block in the 88 isnt boned or Im going to be off searching for a 3s block...

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