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How do you use autobox ECT?

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by CelicaSteve, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    My Celica is a UK model autobox with ECT and overdrive.

    For everyday driving I leave it in overdrive, with the ECT off. I have used the ECT when needed, like when I"m overtaking a long vehicle.

    When using the ECT, can I leave the overdrive on/off? What happens if I use the ECT for normal everyday driving?
  2. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    should just downshift on it's own. no need for you to do that.
  3. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Can't help you there, I have ECT-S with 3 modes + overdrive
    Economy - Power - Manual

    I guess the ECT mode is the same as my Power mode?
    If so, the difference will be fuel consumption - I never use the power or manual mode
    The car has ample power and I can count the times I've switched O/D off on my hands

    The UK owners manual I have 4 sale states -
    "You can select a driving pattern suitable to existing driving conditions.

    NORMAL - For general driving
    POWER - For powerful acceleration"
  4. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    Thaks guys, I guess its down to personal preference to the style of driving.
  5. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    i believe the button changes teh trans shift points and nothing else. flooring the car should make it downshift.
  6. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    Hey Mafix...... You said that 'you believe' the ECT button changes the trans shift points.

    I get the impression your not quite sure.

    How does it ? why does it ?

    Toyota engineers must have had a reason for it in the design of the car at the time and for what reason ?

    I have the 89 White Lightning with every availiable option and this ECT is one of them.

    Cheers Ev
  7. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    This is what I just found and I quote............

    "It is basically a sophisticated electronic auto transmission control system whereby sensors relate to a computer the speed, gear, torque etc and then the computer makes a calculation as to the best automatic gear shift points to maximise transmission power".

    Sounds sweeeeeet to me.

    And this technology is 22 years old I might add and these days I love the 5 or 6 or 7 speed auto boxes with paddle shifters......... hmmmmmm love F1 gearboxes :mrgreen
  8. Jamezzy

    Jamezzy Well-Known Member Donated!

    For the people who don't have ECT, (like me) it doesn't matter how hard you floor the car, the auto shifts too soon to reach its maximum torque band. I find myself staying in the right lane more. Although I do have an FE and switching off O/D while going 70 on the freeways helps greatly in overtaking another vehicle. If only I had a 5 speed, I can squeeze every bit of horsepower out of this little FE.
  9. 187flatliner

    187flatliner Seat Breaker Donated!

    my auto shifts really late sometimes......... i love the "thrown back in your seat shifts" from 2 to 3......lol....god the torque steer sometimes is alot.

    and yes i have an fe. too....so there.
  10. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    UPDATE........ Found this on the Toyota web site glossary page, DOH!, should have looked a bit harder in the first place.

    Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT)

    Electronic control of the automatic transmissions has created a raft of breakthroughs in driving comfort and vehicle efficiency. ECT helps to ensures optimal gear change timing according to throttle position with vehicle load and judges the most suitable time to initiate torque converter lock-up for increased fuel economy, and networks with the engine’s computer.

    Here is another explanation.......

    ECT stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission. When you push the button in, there should be a light on the dash that says "ECT POWER". This changes the normal shift times (based on engine vacuum, rpm, and throttle position) to a later point. This means simply that the engine rpms will go higher before shifting to a higher gear when you're accelerating. It helps build speed more quickly but uses more gas to do so.
  11. vic dat

    vic dat Well-Known Member

    image.jpg I know this is an old thread but anything to resuscitate this forum thanks to photo#ucket...
    I like my ECT system. Almost a quarter million miles on the Trans and never been touched (except adding a cooler years ago and of course occasional service)
    Anyway I find myself using the buttons a lot... I like a spirited drive...unlike Stig who just leaves it in slug mode. Living in a trailer will do that ya.

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