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exedy clutch kit?

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by sr5punk, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    found a kit for our celicas. however i do find it odd that it is listed for gt/st/gt-s. is that correct? even on the exedy site it just says celica. no code designation for different models. anyone know if this is a problem. i need a clutch bad. and this is a good deal if it will work. here is the lik to the item. thanks!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/EXEDY-85 ... enameZWD1V

  2. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    waiting for a response from the seller now to see if it will. fingers crossed.!
  3. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    got confirmation that the clutch will work on both trannies. so i am getting the kit and going to have it installed somewhere. hopefully not too expensive. yay!
  4. ssscorpin110

    ssscorpin110 Guest

    once its installed and stuff throw up how much it cost to have installed and how it works for ya
  5. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    will do. won;t be for a little while though. possibly around spring break time. but will do.
  6. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    so the clutch kit has been purchased. total so far....

    $133.61 (exedy clutch kit)
  7. ssscorpin110

    ssscorpin110 Guest

    haha alright, is that a pretty good price?
  8. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    i think so. got it from ebay. a clutch only specialty shop. exedy brand name. seen the same kit go for 150 not shipped. so i figure 130 shipped is damn good. now i need to get quotes and installation. woo hoo.
  9. Dman_23

    Dman_23 Guest

    I hope it works for you man - the GT-S clutches aren't the same as the ST/GT clutches. Different splines on the tranny input shaft.
  10. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    i knew they were different, i asked the guy and he said "well we have been dealing with just clutches for over 20 years. the description is accurate." i checked it out on exedyusa.com as well. same part number. so i am crossing my fingers. will take pics of the clutch as soon as it gets here. and if it is not the right one then i will definately send it back to them with a big ol thank you. i'lll drive down there myself and shove it in their face if i have to. anyways thanks for the knowledge.
  11. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    i also looked at centerforce clutch kits. it too was the same part number for the gt/st and gt-s. same everything. so i really hope this isnt an error. weird huh. but then again if you do the tranny swap for a gt-s to the gt tranny you can use the gt-s clutch if i am not mistaken.
  12. zak062

    zak062 Well-Known Member

    fuck bro, i wish i saw this post earlier. The kit is bs. Your gonna find that ur disc is not gonna fit and the throw out bearing is the wrong style. I bought the same shit for my trac, even the same price. And then they wouldn't let me return it cuz i waited over a month to tell them. Their response was, "we can have our technicions help u fit the product".
  13. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    hmmmm. shit i called the guy and he old me it would work. and i looked at the centerforce one and they said it was the same sku too. also that it was the same dimensions. well we will see. i know that there is another forum on this kit. i will bring it back up too. thanks for the look out zak, was it the same guys?
  14. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    ok so the breakdown for the clutch and install is this:

    $133.61 (exedy clutch kit)
    $346.80 (labor)

    The guys at the shop told me that I had the lower end clutch kit. I didn't realize there was one, but they could have been trying to upsell me. As soon as I told him that i worked for the local BMW cycle shop, he immediately changed his tune. It was funny. Anyways so far no problems. The only thing I wish was that it was a little stiffer. But a good clutch so far. Should last me till either I die or the car does. cheers!
  15. XR Pilot

    XR Pilot Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure the splines are only different between the 3SGTE and non turbo gearboxes. I have used S54 (commonly fitted to 5SFE) gearboxes in two cars now with 3SGE clutches for SX's (Your GTS)
  16. cannon

    cannon Guest

    thats some expensive labour, for US dollars, i can get it done for $350 AUD. i have the the EXEDY kit in my car right now! I would not reccommend it as i just needed to change my clutch the EXEDY pressure plate failed after about 14 months get a better one!!!!!!
  17. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    yeah? well if it ends up being shit, there isnt much i can do about it. no warranty on the labor, due to me bringing in my own parts. and of course only a limited warranty on the parts from exedy. if it does then i will spend the extra cash on what toyota has and possibly have it done at a different shop. i got quoted $400 from two other shops for installation. what a bitch!
  18. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    it seems to my memory that all 4g clutchs are the same except the 2s and 3sgte.
  19. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    i believe we can confirm that. thats nice knowledge to have. "CUZ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!"
  20. Toytuner

    Toytuner Well-Known Member Donated!

    i have an exedy stage 2 on my car and i like it, good grab but still easily driveable.

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