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End of a project...

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by 1fstgts, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. 1fstgts

    1fstgts Well-Known Member Staff Member Administrator Moderator Donated!

    Fully built Gen 2 JDM 3SGTE/ Haltech ECU Kit

    Well Boys and Girls,
    This is a very hard list for me to post, but Im having to put a halt on my motor project and cut my losses. Ive sat on this build for a few years now and just dont have the time or the money to finish it. Theres just too much more that needs done, plus I have some things that came up on my house that I need money for.

    Anyone that has followed my project knows Ive sunk a small fortune into my motor. Im not selling the car. I hope to get enough money to do my needed projects have just enough for just dropping a JDM swap in and being done. My Victoria hasnt been on the road for 8 years and its time she rolls again.

    Heres whats up for sale. I dont want part any of these lots out. So ECU needs to go as a set and motor needs to stay intact. I might think of removing the turbo to drop the price but it will depend on the offer.

    Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 kit with long lead harness
    Haltech HPI 4 Ignitor
    AEM 30-2850-4PK CDI Coil Kit (pack of 4)
    150psi oil pressure sensor
    100psi fuel pressure sensor
    air temp sensor
    coolant sensor

    I have over $2500 in the above.

    If I got $1800 out of it I would be happy.

    The motor..
    2nd Gen 3SGTE JDM block and Head completely redone. I have receipts for just about everything bought or done. The Block and Head were redone by a racing shop out of Cleveland, OH.

    Everything was either replaced OEM new if necessary or aftermarket.

    Bottom end:
    Block hot tanked/bored .040 over
    New Freeze Plugs
    Crank, rods and pistons all balanced.
    Wiseco Pistons
    Eagle Rods
    ARP Studs
    ACL Bearings
    Moroso Oil Pan
    Camry New 5S Oil Pump
    New OEM Water Pump not reman
    New Oil Jets

    Top end
    Head completely ported and polished and machined
    1mm Ferrera oversized valves installed
    Ferrra springs and retainers.
    I believe the Cams are GSC Power Division(cant find that receipt)
    Toyota shimless buckets special ordered to size( I have extras of various sizes)
    Fidanza Cam Gears
    Greddy Timing belt
    All new tensioner hardware.
    Wolfkats Fuel Rail
    Delphi Injectors
    ARP head studs
    Cometic Gaskit Kit
    Custom welded TVIS bypass plates

    Toyota CT-26 with upgraded Compressor/exhaust wheel( as big as you can fit in one...I think 60:1) Dont remember the exact specs right off hand
    Stainless Exhaust manifold. All surfaces machined and trued.

    I have the factory intake for it along with the throttle body that still needs cleaned up.

    I have WELL over 10 grand in this motor Im open to reasonable offers. .

    Some misc parts

    Set of 16 Supertech CF-31 Cam Followers.

    Installed once only to find out they wouldnt work with the valve retainers I had.
    $200... Retail is like $22 each.
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  2. 1fstgts

    1fstgts Well-Known Member Staff Member Administrator Moderator Donated!

    Still have all this for sale. Open to reasonable offers. Next stop is the ebay route. Ill try and check back. For some reason, PM's arent making it back to my email.

    And I had a few people inquire awhile back if I would separate parts off the motor and the answer is no. The only thing I would probably remove from the motor would be the turbo and keep if someone didnt need it.

    I also have a Fidanza Flywheel that goes in with the motor along with ARP flywheel bolts.
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