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Convertible Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Discussion in 'Vert specific' started by ADeCosa, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. ADeCosa

    ADeCosa Member

    Does anyone know the name of the type of fittings and the size/thread that are used in the convertible hydraulics?

    I want to buy a few sets of male and female plugs for those times when I disassemble my system. Or when I scavenge hydraulics parts from the nearby salvage yards.
  2. scottjackson1209

    scottjackson1209 Well-Known Member Donated!

    I have my rails off and will try to get a picture of the fittings today. also is there any chance that you can take a picture of the bolts that hold the rails on? mine have come up missing
  3. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    generally theres only 1 type of "hydraulic" fittings, though some may have different threads but usually not. just google a hydraulic hose shop near you and they should have everything youd need. could probably make you new hoses if needed too.
  4. ADeCosa

    ADeCosa Member

    Well, I found the most important piece:


    They carry this cap at most chain hardware stores, so they're easy to find. This female cap is handy, because I can disassemble my hydraulics and close off the pump and lifter fittings - without having to drain the system - and not make a mess doing it. I can also bring them with me to the u-pull-it yards so if I find a pump/lifters, I can take 'em home without making a mess of my trunk. Now if I can only find a complementary male plug to pop over the ends of the hoses...
  5. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    its brass, but it may not seal if its not a hydraulic cap, hydraulic is different thread than pipe. if i knew what size id just snag one from work and send it to ya. if you dont have a hydraulic shop near you go to either a catapillar dealer or maybe a place that rents/sells heavy equipment like bulldozers ect. theyll ofter just give them to you..and there are both male and female type.....very common
  6. ADeCosa

    ADeCosa Member

    As the page says, it is a "Brass Compression Cap" (less insert), and it is "ideal for use with copper, brass, aluminum or plastic tubing on gasoline, grease, oil, water, vacuum and air lines". Yes, the thread matches (the cap screws all the way on), but again, there is no "insert", so it might leak a bit at the threads - but: a) the pump/lifters will no longer be under any compression once disassembled, and b) I can always cut an "insert" out of an old inner tube if needed. Considering that, if left unplugged, the pump/lifters only leak minimally if kept upright, inserts may not be 100% necessary for short-term use.

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