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clutch questions

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by Toytuner, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. 86GTMonkey

    86GTMonkey Well-Known Member

    Alright, I'll check on that when I get home. That may be it, when I got the car there wasn't any fluid in the resevoir, haven't checked it since I added fluid.
  2. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    hey i just bought the exedy clutch kit, can you tell me what the part number was for the kit toytuner and if there were any problems with the installation? i just keep getting info that the gt/st kit is the same as the gt-s which is what i have. hard to believe. just wanna make sure i got the right kit. thanks!
  3. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    just got the exedy kit in my car. it works just fine. break in period willl be over by the end of next week. hahahaha :twisted:

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