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Baskerville 1000 Track Build

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by mista2, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. mista2

    mista2 Member

    Hi all,

    On Tuesday I picked up a 1986 Celica SX ST162 (Australia got the ST with the 3SFE and the SX with the 3SGE, mine is the latter).

    It is in fairly neat condition considering the 317,000 kms on the clock, but has quite a few issues precluding me from being able to get it registered.

    I have always been a fan of the ST162, and Toyotas in general, since I bought my first car, a 1987 AW11 MR2 some 15 years ago. I'm very familiar with the 3S series, having owned a couple of SW20 MR2s as well, both with gen2 3SGTEs, and equally I have noticed they share the same problems!

    My current daily is a ZZW30 MR2 Spyder which is going to be a keeper and long-term street car with some occasional motorkhana use, but I was on the hunt for a budget build, and something I can take to the track to sink my teeth into some real grassroots motorsport in a purpose built car.

    Whilst I am somewhat torn, and part of me wants to restore the ST162, I have decided it is destined for the track, albeit in an entry level (equivalent to 24 hours of LeMons) event dubbed the Baskerville 1000.

    Baskerville is our local track in Hobart, Tasmania, and the 1000 refers to the pricepoint for vehicles eligible for entry - $1,000.00, and the Celica is eligible as I picked it up for the measly sum of $600!

    It won't be a hardcore racecar, but I plan to do simple mods such as weight reduction, brakes, suspension, and a general refresher of some of the old and tired components. I do plan on keeping all of the original pieces if ever I wanted to put it all back together. They are becoming rarer and rarer down here.

    I'll get the thread going with my build as it commences, hopefully this weekend.

  2. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Active Member

    Good luck Mike.....we're all ears.

    Vicdat 610
  3. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    Nice one, bring on the pictures :)
  4. mista2

    mista2 Member

    Okay photo/weekend update time.

    Here are a few photos from the day I first inspected her, and the evening I took her home the week after:






    This weekend I picked up some new wheels (Mahdi Schester Type 1, Japanese made wheels from the mid 90s, 16x7 + 38). Frankly I'd never heard of them but they are light, look to be good quality, and are semi-period correct. $150.00 with pretty cooked tyres but a bargain either way.


    I removed the centre caps, took off the stockies (2 had flat tyres!), and sprayed the centre of the hubs matte black after a bit of a session with a wire brush to remove the surface rust.



    The interior was also foul so I rented a steam cleaner, which I needed to do the other cars anyway, and gave the carpet, and seats, the once-over, despite the fact they'll be removed in time anyway


    How she sits now:


    Unfortunately the rubber that came on these wheels is too fat and the rears hit the strut. I am running 225/50R16, might need to go down a few profiles (or just source some coilovers! The stock suspension is stuffed anyway)

    Overall I'm happy with the progress, suffice to say that I've found a lot of problems which will need to be sorted, including:

    1. A VERY serious oil leak, coming from the timing side . I sprayed a whole can of de-greaser and high-pressure cleaned it so I will try to locate the source soon. I at least need to replace the valve cover gaskets as there is an obvious weep there. I suspect it might be a cam seal;
    2. Headlight switch is playing up, and my hi-beam light randomly comes on, but headlights turn off, when the switch is on and i indicate left. Very weird. Methinks the contacts are stuffed;
    3. Idle is 'jumpy' when warm - I think I need to inspect/clean the IACV valve. The coolant is low anyway and I might just replace the radiator and flush the whole system;
    4. Speedo doesn't work. I'm assuming it is a broken cable, and Toyota seems to have discontinued a replacement so I may just get one made.

    Aside from the above (at this stage) the car seems pretty good for a 33 year old car with 317,000kms. I could easily throw in some new suspension and track it as-is, but I want to do this properly, and get it registered, so there'll need to be a few more dollars thrown into it yet.

    More updates to come.

  5. mista2

    mista2 Member

  6. Sakke

    Sakke Member

    Very nice! makes me jealous that your track car is already in better condition than mine:D the interior looks very much untouched!o_O
  7. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Active Member

    The front oil leak could be from inside where the oil pump has an old o-ring that may be knackered...also like you said the valve cover gaskets, or even the main seals front or rear...all of the above seep a bit on my old G-motor hhahaha

    Vicdat 610
  8. mista2

    mista2 Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Sakke photos may be somewhat misleading. It really isn't all that neat up close, but I'm surprised that it has stood the test of time as much as it has. Mostly, I can't believe somebody put up with the stock tape deck/radio for so long (which operates only one speaker).

    Whilst this will largely be a dedicated track car, I do want to get it registered before the serious work commences so I'm in two minds as to whether I get full rego or club/special interest. In Tasmania, full registration is transferable without an inspection so that is the preferred option if I do move it on down the track (preferably for a gt-four), plus there's something very cool about taking your gutted track car to the office on Fridays or for a run up the twisties without the need to fill in a logbook!

    I've had a more thorough look at the suspension. It bounces up and down like a pogo stick when applying just a small amount of pressure. I've decided on coilovers, which also won't pose an issue for registration here, providing the ride height remains sane, and it means I can keep my thick rubber.

    It won't pass an inspection in its current state with all of the leaks. I will be borrowing a mates engine crane, pulling the motor with the loom, putting it on a stand, and doing all seals, and timing belt.

    So much for a sub <$1K track car, but it needs to be done, and I'm a firm believer in doing things once and doing them properly.
  9. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Active Member

    Those oil leaks over time can play havoc with the lower control arm bushes as well an any other 32 year old rubber in its path. Motor mounts are also a known suspect
    Lately, my daily is makin' a few stranger noises in the AM ie clunks and vibrations than ever before.
    I hate the though of dealing it while I go after a shitload of other gremlins...

  10. Sakke

    Sakke Member

    I second Vicdat about the bushings, i had a leaky powersteering pump and it absolutely ruined that sides control arm bushing! Ive just refreshed the front bushings with Polyurethane ones from http://www.gt4-racing.eu/index.php/toyota-celica-st165 and i gotta say the fitment is perfect, even came with lube for installation!
  11. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Active Member

    I'm a little leary of the Poly ones 'cause I've seen them crack fairly easily in a short period of time...
  12. mista2

    mista2 Member

    So the P/S pump is bone dry. I started the Celi up on the weekend and at first turn of the wheel I heard the familiar sound of an empty reservoir.

    In circumstances where it will end up being a dedicated track car, I've decided to rip out the P/S system anyway.

    I haven't done any substantial work on the car over the past couple of weeks and therefore haven't traced the source of the leak, suffice to say that I have no doubts if there are multiple leaks that the P/S reservoir is a contributor.

    The past fortnight has been spent putting a new Sonnenland Canvas roof on my MR2 spyder - my current daily and motorkhana toy. Now that I can actually drive one of my 2 project cars, the Celi will get some attention now!
  13. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Active Member

    I've heard a few guys here have removed the PS pumps for racing with no probs...
  14. mista2

    mista2 Member

    Hey all,

    A long time between updates here, but a few things have been happening which have precluded me from being able to put in much wrench time. I've had to move house and separated from my partner, but I still kept the Celi and MR2 :)

    My garage is now an outdoor, uncovered parking space, though I have no issue in working with what I have with a view to pushing on with this build as quickly as possible. The first practice session for the 2020 season is due to take place in February and I'm very eager to be able to participate.

    Since moving to my new place, I've done the following:

    - Service, including oil, filter, plugs, leads, dizzy cap and rotor, brake fluid flush;
    - Purchased some 16x7 wheels from a 2012 Toyota 86 GT (and I have some concerns re. offset but I will test fit and see how that goes). These set me back $150.00 with practically new tyres, an absolute bargain. I don't really like the Mahdi Schester Type 1s and the tyres are cooked, and can't justify the expense of new tyres when I'm not digging the wheels in the first place;
    - Purchased some Chinesium budget coilovers (lol - MaXpeedingrods);
    - Boss kit, still deciding on steering wheel choice;
    - Basic tidy-ups and minor resto/detail work (sanding and spraying wipers, engine bay details, etc);
    - Garden edging lip yo;
    - Purchased a compression tester, and will hopefully determine whether it is even worth putting any money into this engine, or just drive it until it blows.

    I've had quite a bit of time to brainstorm in terms of how I want this project to turn out aesthetically, since the spirit of the event is to try and replicate or adopt the theme of famous race cars, movie cars, etc.

    I was going to try to replicate the Sainz GT-Four livery, but now that I've sourced some 86 GT wheels, it might end up remotely looking like the Fujiwara Tofu Shop AE86 from Initial D (if you squint hard enough the 86 wheels kind of look like Watanabes without dish, lol). Time for a rattlecan panda paint job!

    Also, probably the biggest development, is I've been shooting everything for a new YouTube channel that I'm hoping to launch at the end of the year. Stay posted, many more things to come, now that I've pulled my finger out!
  15. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Active Member

    It will be nice to get some 4th Gen Youtoob love...most of the celica stuff is for newer 7th gens (gag).
    Keep in mind...there seems to be only a few of us diehard left here thanx to photo#ucket, so keep the cards and letters coming.
    (but there`s still plenty of Russians on here....)

  16. mista2

    mista2 Member

    Couldn't say I was a huge fan of 7th gens until I drove a stripped out manual with a lightly tuned 2zz, it went very well.

    Still, in my view the best use for a 7th gen is a half cut so I can transplant the 2zz and 6 speed into my zzw30 spyder :p But I'm an MR2 guy so of course I'd say that.

    I managed to source a speedo cable, and fuse box lid, just small, incidental things to keep prepping the beast for rego.

    Did a compression test on the weekend also.

    1 - 162
    2 - 160
    3 - 165
    4 - 155

    not too bad for a 317,xxx+ motor with an unknown history. I've decided it's worth the investment to keep this donk and put a bit more work into making sure it is up to the challenge of a 6hr endurance regularity!
  17. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Active Member

    Thats deecent numbers for so many miles (KM's). My 3SGE had about the same numbers when I did did my last timing belt and water pump back in 2014. Now over 60,000 miles later it's still running real strong. My current mileage is 266,000 miles.
    Agree, the last gen Celicas rev to the moon, but I'm more of a torque guy....


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