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automatic to manual conversion

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by squall, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. squall

    squall Member

    i did a quick search and didn't find anything. though i assume i might find some info over on celicatech, but figured i'd ask here.

    there's a 88 gt for sale not real far away, and looks to be in decent shape (haven't seen rust, but need better pics) if it turns out the body is in as good shape as it seems it may be, i might buy it DESPITE the fact that it is an automatic.

    now, i've still got my 87 celica gt, in which the clutch is getting soft, but obviously that's no big deal if i swap trannies i put a new one in. the body on it is in pretty rough shape, and i don't think it's worth fixing on its own. so all that to say, i'm guessing i have every part that i'd need by having the 87 for a parts car?

    how difficult is it to swap everything? how much downtime should i give myself?

    for reference, i've done an engine swap twice in my 86 st (first 2se i put in had rod knock, so i had to replace again) i've done headgasket jobs on a 90 gt (5sfe), 86 st (2se), 87 corolla gt-s (4age), and i've done various work on st165 and st185 alltracs. so, i have a decent amount of mechanical ability.

    thanks for any help/info guys :)

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