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88 GT-S and 89 GT-S parts.

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by 89GT-S_Coupe, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. 89GT-S_Coupe

    89GT-S_Coupe Active Member

    I have 2 ST162 parts car, lots of tid bits left on them! Ones an 88 and the other and 89, let me know what you need and I will go look!

    Both cars have red/burgundy interiors, power windows and locks blah blah blah... Also have a mint sunroof panel (exterior)...

    Let me know what ya need, I'll go and look! :D

    Located in Ottawa, Ont, Canada. I'll ship anywhere at buyers expense.
  2. Donavan

    Donavan Member

    I am looking for 88-89 side skirts.
  3. 89GT-S_Coupe

    89GT-S_Coupe Active Member

    I have 2 sets, keep in mind theses are the GT-S plastic rocker covers not All-Trac skirts :D $40 plus shipping for a set. I'll post pics if you like.
  4. goingfinn

    goingfinn Well-Known Member


    I'm looking for some mud flaps for the front if available (to hold the larger side skirts)

  5. Donavan

    Donavan Member

    GT-S plastic rocker covers like those in the pic above.
  6. 89GT-S_Coupe

    89GT-S_Coupe Active Member

    Got a set... $20+ shipping sound good?
  7. celicaman

    celicaman Well-Known Member Donated!

    Do you have the sunroof motor and control module?
  8. goingfinn

    goingfinn Well-Known Member

    Sounds great, thank you.

    I'll PM you my address details :thumbsup:
  9. AEscobar23

    AEscobar23 Member

    Hi do you have the heater console? like the one where you press the buttons to put cold or hot air etc etc?

    i've got the 89'celica gts and located inn vancouver, bc

  10. Djsteviec

    Djsteviec Well-Known Member

    If he doesn't have the heater control, I do. (don't want to hijack his sale!)
  11. 89GT-S_Coupe

    89GT-S_Coupe Active Member

    I do!
  12. 89GT-S_Coupe

    89GT-S_Coupe Active Member

    I do, Its a USDM version with Fahrenheit #'s printed on the temp slider. It will need to have the 'Fix" done to it though, a few switches are intermittent.
  13. not12listen

    not12listen Well-Known Member


    i'm looking for the TVIS/VSV setup that bolts to the underside of the intake manifold for the 3sge.

    i broke one of my VSV's - the one closer to cylinder 3.

    zip code: 94507
  14. fernandocelica

    fernandocelica Well-Known Member Donated!

    I have those vsv's complete set you make me an offer and when we agree i will find out how much for the postage to that address
  15. not12listen

    not12listen Well-Known Member

    i've sent you a PM. :)
  16. New Guy

    New Guy Member

    Do either of the parts rigs have an intact AFM? I need a price on one shipped to Arizona... Zip code 86322

    Thanks much.
  17. AEscobar23

    AEscobar23 Member

    Hi Im looking for the iac valve for celica gts 89'. Do you have one?
  18. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    nice picture :)

    man...back when the rust was only minimal on that fender.
  19. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    How much for the drivers power window switch
  20. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member

    How much for the rear water outlet, not the end with the thermostat but the long one, i dont need the sensors or anything just the housing, mine broke while i was putting it back on after replacing my head gasket.

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