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3SGE - What should I do with this EGR?

Discussion in '3sge' started by Puffie40, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Puffie40

    Puffie40 Guest

    I'm putting together the intake manifold on my new engine (http://www.st162.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=4289) which is reintroducing a bunch of vacuum lines onto the engine. to reduce the impact of swapping the engine out, I have kept the intake manifold the same.

    Now that is all cool, but a lot of the lines on there deal with the EGR, and this being a JDM 3SGE, the engine does not have the little EGR port drilled in the head like the 88's had. I am thinking of simply bolting the EGR valve on there as if the port was already there, but I'm kind of worried how that might affect performance. I'm starting to think it would make the engine more simplistic to put together if I just remove the EGR system altogether; the area I live in has no smog tests, so I don't need to worry about that.

    If I remove the EGR, What do I need to remove other than the valve itself? I see the lines connect to a Canister inside the engine compartment. do I need to remove that?
  2. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    just cap everything off and put a block off plate on the intake.
  3. Celic_GT2

    Celic_GT2 Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    also there is a vacuum modulator right under the tvis sticker, garbage it as well.
  4. Puffie40

    Puffie40 Guest

    Alright I Think I got it all... I'll supply What I did here for future reference:

    I will refer to the Vacuum diagram from the archives:


    The stuff you can remove is

    -EGR Vacuum Modulator (Take one of the tube and loop it back into the other port. Remove that little spring clip so it's not in your way)
    -EGR Valve and Damper (Both are one piece; unless you have a blocker plate from the JDM engine like I did, you will need to get some 1 x 1/8" flatbar and a drill)
    -BVSV (Black) valve found on the water manifold on the right hand side of the engine (A 3/8" NPT pipe plug fits beautifully!)

    Engine is almost done. Just need to change a gasket and I can bold the clutch/tranny on and stuff it back in!
  5. sega01

    sega01 Guest

    I'd like to disable my EGR, preferably remove it, but disabling is fine for now since it's easier. Would it be possible to take off the 2 tubes on the EGR vacuum modulator, loop one onto both ports on the modulator and one on both ports on the TB to disable it properly? I did read somewhere about the ECU being mapped differently for EGR, I wonder if it's true.

    Currently on my car the big metal pipe that you have the JDM blocker for has only one bolt in it. Is it possible that it might not be on well and affecting performance?


    PS: I read that freeze plugs work well instead of a blocker plate. No idea how true that is though.
  6. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    no no. no freeze plugs, you need plates. and i don't think the car will run right with the vacuum lines disconnected.

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