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1989 Convertible part out

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Glauxspeed, May 13, 2015.

  1. Glauxspeed

    Glauxspeed Active Member

    Because of an accident I recently posted about, i needed parts for my 1987 Vert, I went the route of buying a parts car for the occasion, its a 1989 convertible with 110,000 miles from Florida so the body is in good shape but while the car was being borrowed by a friend of the seller's the friend ignored the 3sFe overheating and killed it

    if youre looking for replacement engine parts this probs isnt the thread for you but it definetly is if you're looking for body panels or interior parts because a lot of them are in great shape

    pics plz


    some other info:

    you can hear the top motor working but it didn't pull the top back

    I have one Drivers side fender and two passenger side fenders available

    I live in Grand Rapids Michigan, so consider that

    Feel free to make an offer on any part, the worst I can say is no


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    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015
  2. goingfinn

    goingfinn Well-Known Member

    I could take the mud flaps front and rear..
  3. i sent a message!
  4. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    I want the side skirts please.

    I'm in Saint Louis so shipping shouldnt be too bad. I also want the mudflaps so if Finn doesn't get them I'll take them. I'll scream if another front of front mudflaps slips through my fingers. Been looking for months!
  5. Glauxspeed

    Glauxspeed Active Member

    sale of skirts and front flaps pending
  6. goingfinn

    goingfinn Well-Known Member

    I was going to step aside for the front flaps as your needs seemed greater than mine Redrkt01 but it seems you've already made a deal for them...

    I wont be needing the rears thanks.
  7. aluwolf

    aluwolf Active Member

    did this car have fog lights or cruise control?

    if so how much for the wiring harness from the fog light switch (only need a little of the wiring and connector)

    if it had cruise cotrol did it work? i need the actuator or what ever its called

    also interested in the power window switches in the drivers door if they work and are avaliable
  8. Glauxspeed

    Glauxspeed Active Member

    the car is scrapped now, but I still have a lot of parts, still ask if you have questions

    aluwolf, the car had neither cruise nor fog lights and the switches for the drivers are pending sale to someone else. im sorry
  9. White thunder

    White thunder Member

    Hi do you maybe have the electrical window passenger side rear?
    I need switches for the small windows and a coil pack thanks
  10. Andrew royle

    Andrew royle New Member

    Shifter cables available?

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