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1988 Celica Alltrac parts: engine, ST185 and ST205 tranys and more

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by paladek, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. paladek

    paladek New Member

    Hi guys,

    as title says I have few parts I will be getting rid of:

    1) 3sgte GEN I engine complete, including the wire harness, intercooler, turbo, alternator, clutch, down-pipe (cat. converter) etc... - $350
    original ST165 with 252K; the engine is a good candidate for rebuild;
    Considering parting it.
    2) ST185 tranny - $150
    has new-ish seals all around, it shifted fine for all 5 gears except second where some grinding is noticeable when driven hard...nothing scary....just a bit annoying.
    3) ST205 tranny - $50 (or free with ST185 tranny purchase)
    has some problems, most likely the transfer case....
    4) ST165 transfer case - free with any tranny purchase
    good working condition...
    5) ST165 (Alltrac) original wheels (14") - $60 (all 4) (or $20 each)
    good-ish condition, normal wear and tear for that year
    6) ST165 instrument cluster - $25
    very good condition (still show the 252K...);
    7) ST165 sunroof - $25
    OK condition...some rust in one corner...
    8) ST165 rear differential - $50;
    original, would need new seals and/or output shafts bearings;
    8) some odd ends.., front and rear struts and springs, engine mounts, starter, sensors, brackets, etc...


    I prefer local pick-up, (really don't have time for shipping).
    I'm in Vancouver BC, Canada.


    Note:I'm also on alltrac.net same username...just in case....
  2. paladek

    paladek New Member


    last call for these parts....All remaining stuff will be tossed to the junk yard by Sunday afternoon

    I just cannot believe nobody wants these parts....

  3. Rick89GTS

    Rick89GTS Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    Hey Paladek,
    Didn't see this post until now.
    I haven;t been on the boards in a while.
    Sending you a PM.

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