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FUKD! - The Hall of shame

Discussion in 'Videos and Images' started by Stig, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Glauxspeed

    Glauxspeed Active Member

    Not a 162 but Dear God
  2. aluwolf

    aluwolf Active Member

    sadly its fubar but its my daily. IMG_20151205_163240.jpg IMG_20151128_233417.jpg IMG_20150729_142929.jpg IMG_20150729_142858.jpg IMG_20150729_142724.jpg

    the liquid is something that is getting cought in my catch can and no idea whats causing it... smells like paint thinner
  3. JenniferT

    JenniferT New Member

    Thank you to our government , can't get unrego'd cars legal without much hassles.

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