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88 Celica GT project

Discussion in 'Your 4th Gen beauty' started by nfocus, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. nfocus

    nfocus Member


    A little back story I used to drive a 1978 Corolla (2tc) I finally got to the point after collecting parts I needed to completely tear down the car to really get to work on it. My g/f saw I was gonna put alot of miles on my new car (toyota ft86) so she called me and told me she bought me a new toy.

    I went home and saw the Celica waiting for me. It needed a bit of work but I decided to just drive it as is while I spent my money on the corolla. It grew on me a bit and then I decided to take this project on as well while the Corolla was being finished.

    So far this is what I have done :
    GTS Seats
    Re upholstered interior
    MOMO Hub
    NRG Steering wheel
    Yashio Factory shift knob
    Pioneer headunit
    Pioneer speakers front and rear (6x9)
    Pioneer 4 channel Amplifier
    New 70 amp Alternator
    Rebuilt Power Rack and Pinion
    13x7 TOMS rims
    175/85R13 Summer Tires
    Rebuilt 3sfe by Universal Automotive in Vegas
    Exedy Clutch
    Lightened flywheel
    New suspension
    New starter
    Every bushing /motor mount rubber piece that can be removed and replaced with custom Urethane pieces

    Now this car is 90% complete it will be off to paint shortly. It will get a set of fender flares, a coat of PPG Ruby Red, and a set of replica BBS rims 15 x 8 I think
  2. MattC

    MattC Well-Known Member Donated!

    Your girlfriend bought you a Celica? Hell, your girlfriend approves of you having project cars? You marry that woman! haha

    Looking forward to pics (use Imgur to upload and link photos, Photobucket doesn't allow links to forums any more unless you pay them $400).
  3. nfocus

    nfocus Member

    She is actually a tuner herself she buys the parts and I install lol. We live where there isn't mush to do and our commutes are normally 1.5-2.5 hrs each way. We try to make those hrs enjoyable in the cars we drive. She has bought me 3 cars so far. A 1967 Camaro (title lists it as a 1968) , the 1988 Celica in question and a 1990 Civic Si which was stolen.

    She drives a turbo S2000 on the weekends and a Nissan Armada during the week.

    Here are some of the cars we have had over the years. And to be clear she works for the Mexican Gov't while I am an analyst for a large tech company in the U.S.

    My current Daily Driver / mini project

    Sold 1989 Celica GTS 100% orginal sold with only 79,XXX miles

    1967 Camaro Sunday car (mostly used for driving from Tijuana, to Las Vegas)

    2005 Ford Focus 1 of 1 Street driven Cosworth 2.3L Duratec engine, direct port Zex nitrous, 10,000 rpm driving down the las vegas strip from 2005-2007 (sold to Kevin at Coswoth in torrence ,Ca)

    2004 Lexus LS430 VIP style, Junction produce rims , Air runner suspension, JP interior blah blah blah
  4. MattC

    MattC Well-Known Member Donated!

    Cool collection!

    Keep us up to date with what you're doing with the Celica :D
  5. nfocus

    nfocus Member

    So this weekend the celica is getting a new exhaust, intake and bottle fed.

    I will be deleting the CAT and going straight pipe to an APEXi N1 exhaust
    I have also starting running the lines for a nitrous kit. Im going with a used Nitrous Express wet kit. I'll keep it at a 75 shot just for fun. The intake is going to be a part bin special. Cut up a used intake from a civic I believe then using an autozone MAF adapater, with a cone filter.

    Now I know WHY? to a 3sfe...its fuel economy motor blah blah blah...simple I have the parts laying around.
  6. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    this is intriguing. always wondered how nos would be in these cars. careful though, the 3sfe likes to blow the OE head gaskets.

    more pics of the toms' wheels?

    my girlfriend's car has these toms so pretty neat to see old school wheels on the ST162
  7. nfocus

    nfocus Member

    I'll take some this weekend for you, I should be getting them back I sent them to get powder coated and polished.
    I also ordered some Project Kics lug nuts.....

    Finally got some qoutes for the body work and paint, hopefully it goes into the shop on Monday.
    I haven't decided wether its gonna be PPG code 73814 (Diablo Red) or PPG 918176 and BASF 761978 (Current Nissan Dark red)

    gonna run me about 8000 pesos, about $400 USD for everything

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