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what type oil is used for top pump

Discussion in 'Vert specific' started by 89vertSE, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. 89vertSE

    89vertSE Well-Known Member

    I kno it is on here somewhere but i cant find it,
    what type of oil is used for the convertible top pump in trunk?
  2. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    I think I remember reading the hydraulic pump uses Dexron III automatic transmission fluid ( I use this in my auto transmission and steering pump ).

    My googling seems to suggest other model cars using ATF in those days, later models seem to have more specific fluids.

    My Yota service mechanic has just spent 20 minutes on the net and he had no idea saying we have no automatic convertible roofs here in Australia but thinks ATF may be correct for overseas models.

    I suggest you go to your local Yota dealer and ask.

    I'v just read this and I quote...............

    Don't add power steering fluid though. The ATF is just as readily available. Probably just a few feet down the same aisle at the auto parts store.

    There is a sticker on the pump (motor) that says to add Dexron III. I have added Dexron II before and had the same results.

    Start by making sure the top is in the up position(position used to clamp the top to the windshield). Take out the bottom of the back seat (cushion) and then two bolts at the bottom of the steel brackets that hold in the backrest. The backrest then has to be lifted up over retainers to come out.

    After the backrest is out of the way, the pump will be between the seat location and the trunk area. Pry it up out of it's cradle(release the rubber noise silencers, but leave them attached to the motor) and pull it up into a more or less vertical position. There is a black rubber stopper that you now pull out of the end of the pump with the help of a pair of needle nose pliers.

    At this point in time, pour some ATF into a bottle or can with a small nozzle (I use a clean plastic bottle from contact lens solutions). Squeeze a small amount of ATF into the hole and replace the rubber stopper. Reinstalling the rubber stopper is difficult. Use a 1/4" wooden dowel to seat it back down in the hole. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If it is not seated properly, when you turn the switch on to cycle the new fluid into the system, it will blow back out and seep all over the floor pan behind the seat. After the stopper is in, lay the pump back into it's cradle, but not permanently. Turn on the ignition and cycle the top down and then back up. This will run the fluid into the system and should make it easier for the top action to run the top up.

    Repeat the above step until you are pleased with the way the top is going up and then reinstall the pump into the cradle permanently and put the back seats back in.

    Some people think that the system needs to be bled like a brake system in the car, but this isn't true. However, if it sounds like the fluid lines have a lot of air in them, it probably needs more fluid.

    And then I read this.......... https://www.carpartsdiscount.com/au...draulic_fluid/hydraulic_fluid.html?3593=53406

    I'll hazard a guess and say ATF.

    Keep us posted.
  3. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    Check this............... http://topsdown.com/pages.php?pageid=6

    After 25 years......... fluid under pressure requires TIGHT seals so always put in new O rings and new hoses.

    I'v just remembered the ...... " Thepowerofdiesel - Project 165 "...... is a member here and an agricultural engineer who deals with hydraulics all the time so fire him a PM and keep us posted.
  4. 89vertSE

    89vertSE Well-Known Member

    in us verts the pump is in the trunk on left side, also i read the convertible manaul that is in the technical section on here and it says use SAE 10W motor oil, and says should just cycle couple times and that should be it working good.
  5. 89vertSE

    89vertSE Well-Known Member

    so i was looking around for just 10w oil, cant find it anywhere, must be a old thing, so i asked the guy i got the car from and he said what was in the pump was hydraulic top oil,

    wanted to see what other people are running, cuz i heard oil, hydraulic oil, atf, power steering.....dont kno what to use not to kill the pump....thanx
  6. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    This topic and more research has now got me :lol

    Did you send Thepowerofdiesel - Project 165 a PM for an opinion ?............ Did you ring toyota to see what they're using these days ?

    CHAN110 recently had his hydraulic roof struts done........... Yesterday I sent him a PM and asked what fluid his mechanic used for the roof pump so I'll post his answer when it arrives.

    When people say that Hydraulic oil, ATF or Power Steering fluid is being used it's because they are all same thing which is hydraulic fluid.

    I use Automatic Transmission Fluid in my Power Steering, which is just another hydraulic and they work harder than any roof hydraulics.

    10w oil is thin ( 5w even thinner ), ATF is thinner again and is considered a 'fluid' not an oil but it's still a lubricant............ Some hydraulics don't need thick fluids for operation and I can't help thinking that the thicker the fluid the harder the roof pump has to work.

    Wait a few more days until you think you've collected enough information to convince yourself as to what to use............ if you can't find 10w oil I would try ATF, I can't see it doing any damage either.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2012
  7. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    I have received a PM from CHAN110 and his mechanic used Automatic Transmission Fluid ( ATF ) in his roof pump and tells me the roof is operating well.
  8. 89vertSE

    89vertSE Well-Known Member

    i got it working, used hydraulic oil iso 32 which is equiv 10W, put to much in and overflowed pump but it works good now and no leaks that i see yet

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