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Stuck Driveshaft - Please Help

Discussion in 'Diagnosis/Help' started by Maaate, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. Maaate

    Maaate New Member


    I am trying to swap an engine from an 87' into an 86 as the 87 is manual and hasn't thrown a rod.

    I got the motor out of the 87, but I couldn't figure out how to remove the drive shafts, and in the end, just ended up destroying them.

    However, I want to try and save the shafts this time so that I won't need to buy new ones. I've gotten to the stage where the cv's are not connected to the hub anymore, they are only connected to the car at the transmission, except the driver's side which passes through a bracket. I know this bracket needs to come out to remove the drives side shaft, but what is holding the other side in?

    A mechanic told me that they should just slide out, but I've tried and it won't :(

    Any help is appreciated.

    BTW, I live in Australia, which is why some of you might be confused about why the drivers side has the bracket to the engine and not the passenger side.
  2. Maaate

    Maaate New Member

    I've managed to get the shaft that goes through the bracket out. It was just a snap ring inside that bracket that held it on. But I still can't get the one on the other side.

    So at the moment, I'm practising on the motor that is already out, you can see how much I've wrecked it already, trying to pry it apart, as that's what I've read is the way to go. If anyone knows a better way how to get these out, can you please let us know? It's the one thing stopping the engine from being pulled out, and then buying a new one and putting that in.

  3. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    huge prybar, sometimes an air hammer is the answer as well

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