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ST165 1988 Complete Partout

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by anothergt4, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    MAKE: Toyota
    MODEL: Celica
    TRIM: Alltrac
    YEAR: 1988
    MILEAGE (please specify km/miles): 91,9xx Miles
    TITLE (clear, lienholder, salvage, etc): Clear
    ENGINE: 3SGTE (motor is built and never ran/ on an engine stand)
    COLOR: White
    LOCATION: Omaha, NE

    I am parting out a 1988 Celica Alltrac, I have this posted at alltrac.net also.

    Here are some pictures of the exterior

    Prices do not include shipping, and everything is negotiable. Let me know if anyone needs more pics and I will update this with more parts as I come across them, I have almost everything to put the motor together also. Some of the prices are a little weird but I just grabbed prices that the local pick and pull use, for the parts that I have no clue what they are worth.

    -Complete rear spoiler/wing (I have the passenger side piece it is just removed in the pictures) $100
    -Passenger side rear 1.5'' trim $10
    -Driver side fender 1.5" trim $10
    -Door 1.5" trim $15 for each side
    -Pretty much rust free floor boards (will post pics after carpet removal) $100 Possibly Pending
    -Quick release steering wheel hub and steering wheel $20
    -Misc body wiring harnesses $35 a piece
    -Misc relays, modules, etc $5 a piece or 5 for $20
    -Complete Dash Pad $75
    -Front Fender lights $10 for the pair SOLD
    -Corner lights $30 for the pair SOLD
    -Full stock water to air intercooler setup (Intercooler/heat exchanger/pump/hoses/tank(at least that's what I think the tank is for)) $150
    -Full interior (Front and rear seats with carpet/ I still need to clean it all) $150
    -Rear hatch with glass $100 SOLD
    -Window Motors $18 a piece
    -Starter $26
    -Passenger side mirror $15 (driver side sold)
    -Fender $45 a piece (bare)
    -Distributor with new cap and rotor SOLD
    -Control arms $23 a piece
    -Left and right dash speakers (woofer and tweeter) and speaker boxes $50
    -Shift cables $150
    -Driver side taillight SOLD
    -Passenger taillight $free with drivers side (has a crack) SOLD
    -Mass air sensor SOLD
    -Egr valve $20
    -Throttle body $35
    -Sandblasted intake manifold $35
    -Turbo SOLD
    -Powder coated yellow valve cover $50
    -LH and RH headlight assemblies $35 each
    -Exhaust manifold SOLD
    -Transmission w/91k miles $200
    -Rebuilt cylinder head SOLD
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2014
  2. I need the tail lights! How much for both?
  3. scottjackson1209

    scottjackson1209 Well-Known Member Donated!

    how much for the hood and front bumper?
  4. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    The bumper/bodykit is pending sale and the scoop was attached with bondo and it's chipping so it will need to be properly fiber glassed in, or whatever is the proper way, I'm looking for $25 on it or free if you buy something else.
  5. burakol

    burakol Well-Known Member Donated!

    do you have the a-pillars? price shipped to 20176 pls.
  6. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    I do have both but the driver side is a three gauge pillar pod, I would let them go for $40 plus shipping, I'll have to try and find a box in the meantime here are some pictures to see if you are still interested.
  7. Do you have the left and right qtr ground effects mouldings

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  8. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    Sorry the only ground effects parts I have left are the upper door pieces.
  9. goingfinn

    goingfinn Well-Known Member

    Pretty much rust free floor boards (will post pics after carpet removal) $100 (could be cheaper depending on how much you want of it)

    I could really do with these as mine need patching up. Could you post some pics please?

    Also I could take the throttle body if available.

  10. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    The throttle body is still available but the driver side floor pan is pending sale right now, I will follow up with pictures if that deal falls through or if you are interested in the passenger side I can get you those pictures.
  11. goingfinn

    goingfinn Well-Known Member

    Your passenger side is my drivers side which has gone bad on mine so yes, if you can get the pictures that would be great thank you.

    Ok, will take the throttle body also :)
  12. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    I will try to get you some pictures in the morning, and if you do want it, could you copy the pictures and take them into paint and try to outline the area you would like for your car? I'll tape it off and sharpie where I will make my cut and double check with you.
  13. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    Here are the pics as promised
  14. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    I need the motor harness and intercooler
    Do you still have the hood and front bumper ?

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  15. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    I still have the intercooler but was hoping to sell that, the pump, and the heat exchanger as one deal, as they go together, I do still have the hood, but the front bumper is pending sale with the rest of the kit. The motor harness was the first thing that sold, I know they are kind of hard to come by in decent condition.
  16. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    How much 4 the hood ?
    Let me know if the other person doesn't get the kit so I can get it of you

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  17. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    How much 4 all the hubs and abs system and lines cause I have a 4 lug but I have drums in the back

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  18. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    How much 4 the full brake system /abs/lines/hubs etc
    Do you still have the inside body/dash harness

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  19. anothergt4

    anothergt4 Member

    I would do $40 on the hood, the body work in it needs refinished, the hubs are pending once I get time to seperate them from the knuckles, I do have an uncut dash harness, and would sell what I have of the abs system if you wanted it, the front sensors are gone though.
  20. TLS-st162

    TLS-st162 Well-Known Member

    Ok I'm in Cali so how much would it be 4 the hood ?
    I need the full brake system that's why

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