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Matt's back! With a new Celica...

Discussion in 'Your 4th Gen beauty' started by MattC, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. MattC

    MattC Well-Known Member Donated!

    Car passed its annual roadworthy inspection a couple of weeks ago. The mechanic says to me "its got a lot of engine vibration when you're driving, you might have a motor mount dropping or something". I told him I'd look into it, didn't bother to mention its more likely because the motor is basically solid-mounted to the chassis :D.

    Not much else to say right at the moment really. After three years and 10,000km of ownership I actually filled the fuel tank all the way up for the very first time last week, lol. I had to drive to my parents place and back, which is a ~300km round trip. Economical little bugger, even though it buzzes along at 3000rpm in fifth gear on the highway and I give it a fair bit of stick everywhere else, it still returned 8.1 L/100km (29mpg for our American friends).
  2. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    That's good to hear.
  3. Vicdat610

    Vicdat610 Member

    Good mileage for the highway Matt...I usually get about 30 mpg on my stock G motor automatic on long trips.
    Around town I'm a bit of a leadfoot so not too economical.

    Lets get some of the guys to dust the cobwebs off of this site.


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