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Dat ugly green toyota clock.

Discussion in 'Interior' started by eNtraxGT88, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Well here's a thread I stumbled upon on celicahobby.com:

  2. 187flatliner

    187flatliner Seat Breaker Donated!

    nice but i wish it said where you take apart the clock to place the filters at
  3. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    ah! gotcha, i'll be working on getting pics for that, but here's the rundown:
    -take out centre interior piece, driver's side lower plastics (under steering wheel), center console
    -take out 4 screws holding hvac panel, remove hvac panel
    -unclip clock from hvac panel (twist a flathead on the clips)
    -undo two clips on clock assembly
    -place filters/tint/cellophane between front cover and clock lcd.
  4. 4thgenceli

    4thgenceli Test Dummy

    Hrm..maybe I'll do this over the weekend. I have a list of stuff to address this weekend anyway on the car. Clock doesn't work, I have a new lighter plug to install, need to rip out the HVAC controls and see why I have only volcano mode and medium/high blower...

    I should of yanked one of those resistor packs when I was at the yard :-\
  5. 187flatliner

    187flatliner Seat Breaker Donated!

    Shouldve coulda
  6. invinciblejets

    invinciblejets Well-Known Member Donated!

    preettty neat gonna do this as soon as i figure out why my clock only turns on when my head lights are on.
  7. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    Doh !........ colours, any wonder I failed art at school as I just don't get colour matching and being a tad colour blind stopped me from working for our national telecom provider years ago.

    Aqua has always been my fave colour and living on the river close to the ocean here is the colour we see at the minute.

    I wonder why yota chose green and not any other colour as white looks to be the 'crispest' to read.
  8. MattC

    MattC Well-Known Member Donated!

    I would guess because it's a "soft" colour and they didn't want it to be too distracting at night. That and it was the 80's, everything LCD was either green or amber...

    I'm going to make mine blue to go with the rest of the interior that I have in my head for my car.
  9. Jamezzy

    Jamezzy Well-Known Member Donated!

    The white looks very nice. Might refresh the interior a bit. Thanks for posting. I'll definatley keep this in mind.:)

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