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Alarm / Immobilizer Installation

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by cannon, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. cannon

    cannon Guest

    I have installed a mongoose alarm on my old toyota corolla and on my friends skyline without a problem. I am regretting buying this cheap chinese crap now because i am having trouble with it. it seems to start with the key no matter what, doesnt make i difference if it is ARMED or DISARMED, still starts... at the moment i am at work and my car is sitting in the car park with wires everywhere!!

    if any more info is required let me know. thanks so much!!

    link to Wiring diagram:
  2. cannon

    cannon Guest

    I got it working!

    lol.. i forgot to connect the white wire (ACC ON)

    Working perfectly now.. next step.. keyless entry .. lol another PITA
  3. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    keyless was easy as the doors are wired together. look for a big plug near the drivers side fuse box, the lock/unlock wires go through there. for me it was just a matter of guess and check to find the two wires, then splicing in my lock/unlock wires from the remote system.

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